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DAKAR AIRPORT customer review :  30 January 2013 by L Piekarski    (Ireland)

Rating : 0/10





New Year Eve, 21.00-23.30 . Standard control and luggage transfer after arrive from Madrid. Chaos and no information about belt. No trolleys. No fresh air. 3 hours for standard control before return flight. 8 passport checks. Police 'confiscating' packed standard AA alkaline batteries, left same batteries unpacked. No information in English language. About 30 seats for passengers of 3 flights.

DAKAR AIRPORT review : 24 September 2009 by M Gough

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Flew out from Senegal to Madrid. Check in is clean, bright and very efficient at the Iberia desk. security was rigorous but very well mannered. Passport control wasn't quick. Airside, not too bad range of shops but the cafe sells the worst coffee I have ever drunk. For some reason all European flights take off late at night, but save that, we took off only 5 minutes late. Been to far worse American airports than this. Promise of a new airport seems some way off but would not be adverse to departing from there again.

Dakar Yoff Airport by Mark Hereward

20 April 2007   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

Transiting in Dakar airport from Cape Verde to New York. Bussed in from the plane, waited for a while at the space marked "Transit" until someone arrived (with some prodding). Then he said I shouldn't go through there (as I had a European passport), I should "faire le tour" meaning go through immigration. Anyway, he let us in, and then someone came to the transfer desk, but said "No, we can't do this here, you have to 'faire le tour'". So (luckily have a UK passport so didn't need visa) I filled out the entry form, queued up, went through immigration and past baggage claim, then found a queue to get into the check-in area, and a monster crowd around the check-in desks. Happily as I was in business class, and had no bags to check, and was anyway on transfer, they let me by-pass the queues to check in, and then by-pass most of the amazing queues for immigration to leave Senegal again. But it still took an astonishing 90 minutes from getting off the bus to arriving back in the departure gate, and got to the really comfortable business-class lounge.

Dakar Yoff Airport by James Faulkner

1 March 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Flew in from Joburg on a New York bound flight, landed at 2am and was the only English speaking person in the air port. Despite my surfboard being lost, and difficulties explaining what a surf board is, arrival was fairly easy. Airport very shabby and old looking, but this is west africa. Customs was virtually non existent on arrival but strict on departing. Beware of the Taxis and the people offering to change money for you. A taxi to Dakar should cost no more than 8 to 10 cfa, dont be conned. Look for a cab away from the entrance near the bus stop (across road on the right side) is your best bet. Don't be harassed and don't get into a taxi with more than the driver onboard. Keep your wits about you.

Dakar Yoff Airport by Ingvar Backéus

5 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Fresh breeze with a smell of seaweed that you might experience when you leave the plane. You will then probably end up in a long, slowly moving queue for the passport control, still dressed in your much-too-warm clothes from Europe. Last time we passed there the area beyond the passport control was crowded and rather chaotic. To pass quietly the customs control without any checking was therefore not so difficult. Travellers not used to African conditions will probably also find the taxi drivers quite difficult to handle; have an appointment with somebody beforehand if possible. On departure the main difficulty was to find the right counter; otherwise it went smoothly. Anyway, the Senegalese seem to be aware that the situation is not the best possible, for a new airport is said to be underway. We flew Air France. As Delta Airlines has a code-share on this flight, one would expect check-in staff to have some knowledge of English, but that was hardly the case. Should not Delta Airlines demand that their customers can be served in English?




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