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Rome Ciampino Airport
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ROME CIAMPINO AIRPORT customer review :  27 August 2014 by Catherine Heywood    (UK)

Rating : 0/10





Coming into Ciampino was fine, straightforward and we found the car rental easy enough using the rental shuttle. However coming home was a completely different story. We booked on 6.25am flight to Manchester and reached airport at midnight expecting a few hours to kill, have food and drink and somewhere to sit. What actually happened was departures shut at midnight until 4.30am! We were told arrivals is open so headed there. What we found was no food or drink facilities and nowhere to sit as there was not enough seats. We lay on the cold floor for 4 hours with many others who had nowhere to sit. This is completely unacceptable. When departures opened there was a massive queue for check in and no staff to check us in until 5am. By this time the queue was outside the main doors. Still no refreshments available to buy, not even a single vending machine. By the time we checked in there was another huge queue for security mingling in with the queue for check in. People were pushing in through fear of missing their flight and there was no airport staff to help organise the chaos. We were rushed through security and just made the flight. It was a terrible experience. I would definitely not use this airport again.

ROME CIAMPINO AIRPORT customer review :  2 July 2012 by C Noble    (UK)

Rating : 7/10





I use Ciampino regularly - at least 6 times a year - as the flights in and out tend to be the most convenient for me. I agree with many of the reviewers comments that the airport is overcrowded, with far too little seating both before and after passport control. The food is limited and of pretty mediocre quality. Getting through security on arrival and departure is relatively pain free. Then we get to transport to and fro! I tend to use the local Cottral bus and the metro from Anagnina to Termini and on to Tiburtina to catch a local train, but must stress that in rush hour, the journey from Termini to Ciampino (and the other way) can take up to 2 hours, as the buses from Anagnina to Ciampino are only every 40 minutes. So long as you know what to expect and have only carry-on bags I still prefer it to Fiumicino.

Rome Ciampino Airport customer review :  20 August 2011 by D Carlesoni   (USA)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






The bus from Ciampino to the Termini train station is extremely expensive. A 1 hr wait twice to get on the bus. Better by far to take a cab or a bus to the Anangama train station. Ryanair service from Ciampino is awful. If you are a US citizen you must stand in line with those checking baggage for 1 hr to get your passports checked. The passport check took less than 10 seconds. Ryanair needs to have a separate kiosk where you can get your passport and boarding pass.

Rome Ciampino Airport customer review : 8 July 2010 by M Frari

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

My favourite 'little airport', that I use regularly - up to 4 times a year. Arrival; from aircraft landing to sitting on the bus to Termini - around 15 minutes if you only have carry- on bags. Bus from CIA to Termini costs €4 one way, (but €6 if you buy the ticket at Termini for return to CIA). The quickest airport to get through on arrival I've ever been in. Departure; check-in lines are similar to all airports and take up to 40 mins, but security is a breeze. Very limited shops airside, but this is a 'little airport'. Airside seating limited, but most people stand in the queue for hours to be the first onboard anyway.

Rome Ciampino Airport customer review : 12 September 2008 : by C O'Connor

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

Just had a lovely break in Frascati and used airport for the 1st time. When we arrived we were quoted €50 to take a taxi into Frascati. We declined and asked at information the best way. We were told to take bus to Termini in Rome and then a local train back. We did this no problem. Costing €5 each for the bus and €1.90 for the local train. But it was time consuming! We took a taxi from the hotel coming back for €36 not cheap but far easier than trying to time trains and flights. We have since discovered that we could have caught local train to Ciampino station and then a bus to the airport. Why is this information not given at the information desk in the airport? I agree with comments about the airport itself, Flights all seem to go at the same time and very busy with nowhere to sit and nothing to do.

ROME CIAMPINO AIRPORT review : 28 August 2008 : by P Martin

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

Complete and utter mayhem. Far too small for the amount of travellers using it. Not enough seats unless you include the floor. The only redeeming feature for this airport are the excellent friendly staff.

Rome Ciampino Airport by G Nelson

23 April 2008  Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Just to add to John Spring's comprehensive post: the bus from Anagnina Metro station gets very crowded and although we got on it, some unlucky passengers had to wait another 40mins for the next bus.

Rome Ciampino Airport by John Mellor

19 February 2008  Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

The hire cars are located too far away from the airport terminal. My wife is registered disabled and we had difficulty in collecting and returning our hire car.The airport was excellent but the lack of easily accessible transportation proved too much .

Rome Ciampino Airport by Kuldip Singh

8 January 2008  Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Thanks for the advice John Spring (Feb 2007), We followed it last week and it was fine. However, please note that COTRAL now run a direct non-stop bus service from Ciampino to ANAGNINA metro station. These run approximately every half hour and only take 7minutes!! So the journey from Ciampino to Termini only took about 45mins each way and cost 1 euro for the metro and 1.20 for Cotral each way. People brought on large suitcases and the were no additional charges. Airport a bit crowded, but not too much to separate it from Luton Airport. Whilst Luton is bigger and has more shops, we experienced the same over-crowding and the same problems with access to shops and facilities during our out and inbound journeys.

Rome Ciampino Airport by P Barsalou

9 November 2007  Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Very convenient airport compared to Fumicino! 35 minutes to and from the historical center, in the morning and late afternoon. Very quick check in, and less than 15 minutes to get the luggage on arrival.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Steve Mcgowan

19 August 2007  Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

Very crowded, not enough seats, car hire a nightmare - the pick up point is now about 800 mtrs away (Avis etc). It used to be near the buses.

Rome Ciampino Airport by S Cooper

24 May 2007  Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

About 1000 people crammed in this little place not enough seats. I ended up sitting on the floor. Queues for everything were astounding. About 4 shops and after 5 minutes you were bored stiff.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Susan Davis

1 May 2007  Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Check in at Ciampino was quick, Easyjet had three desks and for all destinations so we were checked in 4hrs before departure! Security was quick and efficient. Then the problems started. There are very few facilities, small duty free for perfume, gifts, alcohol but tobacco is only sold at a newsagents shop and you have to pay cash. Two small snack bars which are totally inadequate, the toilets were dirty and there were not enough seats - so don't do what we did, and check in early thinking that a nice sit down or a wander round the shops is on the cards.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Georg Zechner

1 May 2007  Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

Check-in was slow. Staff was friendly but they had only 1 line for a flight with 180 pax. Security was ok, about 10 min wait. Upon returning around midnight with only our plane to handle they took 45 minutes to get our bags- I just really resent the Italian working morale.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Andrija Matic

25 April 2007  Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

After flying to/from Ciampino I can say that the only pleasant experience there, was the courtesy of airport ground staff. Check in was quick as well as passing the security control. On the other hand, If your flight is delayed (like mine was) there is not much to do there. Lack of lounges, seats, waiting areas, bar/resturant facilities as well as shops is the biggest problem for this small and super crowded airport. As far as I am concerned, it is much better to pay more and avoid Ciampino, at all costs.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Suzanne Redfern

29 March 2007  Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

I was pleasantly surprised, the airport toilets were extremely clean and we waited no more than 10 minutes for our luggage to come through. Out of the airport we had intended to get a taxi, having read all of the awful comments about the Terravision bus, but spotted the Bus Shuttle service only 1eur cheaper each way than Terravision, but no queue, and extremely efficient as we could not face the local bus and the train. The return journey again we caught the Bus Shuttle, no queues straight on very efficient. The airport queues were the longest for our flight home, it seemed like all of the planes were departing at the same time!! The departure lounge was mayhem and we waited for over an hour for our plane to board, but in all not nearly as bad as I had anticipated.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Graham Norman

7 March 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

My advice is to avoid this airport at all costs - although I am sure this will not be practical for everyone. But an extra hour's drive to an airport that uses Fiumicino would certainly be worth it. There are no business facilities such as lounges and there are not even enough seats for half the passengers, which means the place looks like a refugee transit camp with bodies spread across the floors. It is possible to get a sandwich and a drink but that's about it - although it might be useful place to buy an expensive Italian leather handbag. I was not impressed!

Rome Ciampino Airport by Kathy Everard

19 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Terra-vision shuttle service - after arriving at Ciampino airport, we sat on the bus for 30 minutes while two girls checked everyone's tickets. Coming back, we were told to wait at the Via Marsala stop at 7.50 (our flight was at 11.05 to Luton), When we got there at 7.30 am, there were already about 100 people waiting. A bus came and took about 75, we then had to wait another 35 minutes for the next bus. By this time another 100 people had joined the queue. Everyone had been told to get to the stop for 7.50. We were on time for our check-in, but travellers need to be aware that about 300 people are being told to be at the bus stop at the same time.

Rome Ciampino Airport by John Spring

5 February 2007

I think Rome Ciampino has recently had some work done on it as the toilets looked new, the departure lounges likewise (and there ARE some shops/bars airside, although not many but you can get a reasonable sandwich and a beer) and it was quite quick to get through both ways with no queues (I had no baggage however) so not bad for a small airport. The problem however is still with the public transport links with Rome. I avoided paying the Terravison coach shuttle fare of EURO14 by using the local transport system. If you want to do likewise then here's how to do it, but bear in mind the caveats. As you come out of arrivals turn LEFT, exit the terminal doors and there is a bus stop straight in front of you (with a coach or bus probably waiting). This will either be a COTRAL or SCHIAFFANI bus/coach. The fare is EURO1 and you need to be heading for ANAGNINA METRO Station (which will be on the LED display on the front of the bus). This bus does go around the houses, picking up and dropping off locals on the way. What they could really do with is a bus that just goes between airport and metro with no stops in between. In off-peak hours allow 30 minutes for this bus journey, in peak hours allow 55 minutes. When you get to ANAGNINA station go down the steps into the subway following the red'M' signs, just as you emerge into an open square (there's an old blue tram on display in the middle of it) look to your left and you'll see a tobacconist's booth where you can buy your Bigliette (ticket) - you can either get a single journey ticket for EURO1 or an all-day ticket for EURO4 (which you can use on METRO or COTRAL buses all day but NOT the SCHIAFFINI coach, so save 1 euro for your journey back!). Once you have your ticket turn to the left and follow the red 'M' signs for the metro trains. COMING BACK to Ciampino Airport head back for Anagnina Metro Station. Once out of the metro exit note that the departure platform for the buses back to the airport are over the other side of the metro station to the one you arrived at. So this time walk past the blue antique tram following the signs for COTRAL/SHIAFFINI PARTENEZ (departures) and go up platform 1 on your left. I had to wait 20 minutes, so factor in that sort of wait for the bus. The LED on the front will say CIAMPINO AIRPORT (again it is EURO1) and it will drop you off where you caught it when you arrived. Total Journey time you should allow for to Rome Termini Metro Station (including waiting) should be about 1hr 10 minutes. In peak hours this can go up to 2hrs. I got to the check-in desk with 8 minutes to spare as I hadn't catered for a slower metro during rush hours, a 20 minute wait for the bus at ANAGNINA and then rush hour traffic - so be warned!!

Rome Ciampino Airport by Dorothy Keane

30 July 2006

Ciampino airport until recent years was a military airport and not built for todays air traffic. The problem isn't the airport but the transfer to and from Rome. I have never had problems using the airport, but perhaps because I travel easyjet or Ryanair, pick up the car and then as an alternative to Rome city centre, noisy busy and expensive, I choose to stay in places with easy access to Rome by rail , for example Tivoli or Fiuggi.

Rome Ciampino Airport by David Cochran

1 July 2006

I must echo the comments of Martin Leigh, Oct 2005, Paul Baldwin Aug 2005 and Ken Steel July 2005. Although their posts were in 2005 I was unfortunate to be at this Airport in June 2006 and nothing seems to have improved. Some construction work is ongoing but a lot of the current problems could be fixed by better management and improved use of existing resources. The toilet facilities are in a terrible state and have been for months (at least a year to my own knowledge). All the urinals have been removed and the cubicles have smashed locks and are covered in graffiti. The place stinks and is disgusting. The restaurant has a policy of allowing only those purchasing food to sit in the restaurant area. At first sight this seems reasonable except that there is very little seating apart from that in the restaurant. So if you want a seat you now have to buy an overpriced substandard meal. The facilities for passengers that are airside are almost non-existent with little seating and no sense of organisation. After passing through into the gate area the feeling of being treated little better than an animal or maybe freight is total. This airport was very good 5 years ago but is now just totally overpriced and badly run. I would have thought that given the amount of custom that Ryanair give this small airport that they could influence then to improve the customer care on the ground. Of course given the ‘customer care’ attitude of Ryanair maybe they already have.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Daniel Mori

18 March 2006

The airport is located southwest of Rome. Despite the increase in passenger traffic, the single runway remains sufficient to handle traffic without delays. The passenger terminals are basic but there really aren't too many problems. The only warning I can issue is about passport control for inbound passengers: the checkpoint is usually understaffed and it can take a while before you can get through (this only applies to passengers arriving from UK, Ireland, Poland, Hungary and other non Schengen countries). Connections to the center of Rome are ok. Terravision is the most expensive direct bus link (EUR 8 single, EUR 13.5 return). Competitive rates are offered by "Bus Shuttle" (EUR 6 each way) and by Schiaffini bus service (EUR 5 each way). All these companies connect CIA to Termini station non stop. Not so surprisingly, the airport website only promotes a link for Terravision.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Anne McCafferty

26 February 2006

Great bus service when we used it at the beginning of December. Bus was waiting for when we arrived at Ciampino and after waiting about 10 minutes for other passengers we were off. On our return on the Sunday evening yes the Termini was busy but the staff checked your tickets to find out your flight times. Once one bus was full and was off there was another waiting to take its place. Great service and price.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Anthony De Selby

26 February 2006

Arrived Ciampino 23.30 hrs on a Tuesday night. Had pre-booked a return ticket on the Terravision bus to Termini and was in the middle of Rome by 00.50. The driver didn't drop us off at Termini but on the Via Giovani Giolitti which runs down the side of the Railway Station. On reflection this was a good move as Termini is not the sort of place you would want to hang around after dark. A five minute wait at the taxi rank on the Via Giovani Giolitti and 13 euros later I was in my hotel room. Absolutely no problems. On the return journey took the metro to Anangina and then the Cotral Bus to Ciampino. Don't buy a ticket from the Cotral Ticket machine in the bus station. It's not valid for the journey to Ciampino. Buy one on the bus. The bus leaves from platform one and costs 1 euro. Checked in airside at Ciampino without any problems but passengers accustomed to American or British customer service standards might get a bit irritated with the rather off hand manner off the staff although by Roman standards it's pretty good. Would recommend Ciampino without hesitation but a little research into bus and train times before your journey would be good idea.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Steve Gaines

6 February 2006

Have Just returned from a weekend in Rome. As the flight arrival was the late evening Ryan air flight and we were staying near the Termini, decided to book the Terravission bus which I did across the web. Worked out 9 pp for a return trip. There were two busses waiting in arrival, so no problem leaving from Ciampino. Coming back at 7.00AM a few days later was a bit more fun. Got to the termini station at 1/4 to 7 just to see a full bus leave. A big crowd then began to form, which the Teravission ticket staff buzzed around taking tickets and money from. Then a single decker bus turned up , which obviously could not take all the people present. Therefore a scrum to try to get on which the Teravission staff failed miserably to manage. Then a second bus turned up meaning that there was no problem to take every one back to Ciampino. It's a shame the local staff didn't communicate this. And yes , you do have to load and unload your own luggage, so be prepared for this. The actual bus service was good - the issue was the complete lack of organisation and communication of the local staff. Ciampino is a small airport with minimal facilities (and seats), but I have been in a lot worse. Our experience was that baggage control was quick and passport control was not a problem in either direction.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Mike Allum

2 January 2006

Very pleased I read this forum before arriving at Ciampino, Owen Dawson's comments particularly useful. I followed his suggestion and used the cheap option to get in to Rome and found it no problem at all. I would just add a couple of extra points which people may find useful. The COTRAL buses did charge 1 euro per person but it was also an additional euro if you had a suitcase. The jorney to Anagnina took about 15 minutes. On the return journey the bus departs from Platform 1 at the bus station and is in a different area from where the buses arrive. The buses seem to run approximately every half hour so plan accordingly. This travel option was particularly useful for me as I was staying in a hotel near an underground station. If I'd used the Terravision bus I still would have needed to use the underground from Terminii anyway .

Rome Ciampino Airport by Brian Pitney

19 December 2005

My experiences of Ciampino are a mix of all the comments below. My biggest complaint was not about Ryanair staff, or indeed the airport staff, our biggest disappointment was with the staff at the Hertz car hire desk, we waited for nearly 2 hours to get our pre-booked hire car. No one was there to tell us where to find the car in one of the 2 large car parks (it was dark by the time we landed, making it more difficult to find the car). The airport itself? No better or worse than any other provincial airport (ever flown Ryanair to Treviso)? I would use Cia airport again, but I wouldn't use Hertz!! Hope your looking and listening Ryanair!! As far as passport control, we were unfortunate enough to be in a queue for a very busy flight and a couple of "jobsworths" who examined in great detail all passports and boarding passes to the point where the gate was closing and half the passengers were still queuing to get through the control!! At this point "jobsworths" gave up and it was a free for all!

Rome Ciampino Airport by Martin Leigh

29 October 2005

Got back very early this morning from Ciampino. Although the arrival at the airport was notable only for the slowness of the baggage reclaim, we hadn't read comments about the airport so were unprepared for the appalling departure 'experience'. The facilities (what facilities?) are a joke. The queuing and general lack of organisation was breathtaking. The place itself is more like a bus station. The Italians should be ashamed of themselves - a fantastic city and a shockingly bad airport. Whether you are paying 20.00 or 200.00 for your ticket you deserve better than this. The budget airlines have a responsibility to get this sorted - we deserve to be treated better than cattle!

Rome Ciampino Airport by David Hickman

12 October 2005

I visited Rome on a 3 day break and both inbound and outbound was pleasantly pleased with the service throughout, though I can appreciate that things could/would quickly degenerate if there were flight delays - but there again, so did Terminal 4 Heathrow in September'05. The transfer service to Termini Roma was excellent but ensure you know how to reach your hotel once at Termini, the undersigned made the classic mistake of getting in a taxi before agreeing the fare - an expensive mistake!

Rome Ciampino Airport by Michael Brunsdon

9 October 2005

Having read all the negative comments about Rome Ciampino airport I went there with my family last weekend expecting the worst. I was surprised to find the place was in fact quite pleasant and efficient. We left the aircraft first and on entering the building met the two passport control officers sitting near a doorway having a fag. They reluctantly headed in to their booth and after a fleeting glimpse at our passports a grunt was uttered accompanied by the frantic waving of hands We walked straight through to baggage reclaim, collected bags and were outside in less than 10 mins. We found the (very long) bus queue but no Terravision bus. The queue was growing minute by minute and still no bus. Eventually after waiting for well over an hour the last bus of the day rolled up and we all squeezed on although it was standing room only. Curiously we had to load our own luggage in the large lockers underneath and as these had doors on either side of the vehicle as one case went in on one side it tended to push one out the other side. This didn't seem to bother the driver nor the rep. The return journey was very efficent. The coach left on time and struggled through the evening traffic taking just over the hour. I have to admit the check-in was bit slow. The girl seemed to be carefully reading each passport cover to cover and was clearly in no hurry despite a very long queue. I found the facilities there were fine for a small airport. We ate landside and had time for a look round the over priced gift shop. The Ryanair policy to allow disabled/elderly/ young families to board first seemed a good idea but all that guaranteed was first place on the bus. Unfortunately for them when the bus arrived at the aircraft the back and front doors were opened simultaneously and the race to the plane began in earnest. and as might be expected the last on the plane were the priority passengers. This airport would certainly benefit from a rail link to Terminii but considering the size of the place we found it very good . None of the family had reason to use the toilets so I cannot comment there but if anyone thinks this airport is bad they clearly have not experienced Oostende.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Markus Walter

2 September 2005

I was reading through many comments here in the forum before I went through CIA airport - the arrival was ok (short ways and fast luggage delivery) and I already thought its not that bad. The departure was the worst!! Rude Ryanair check in staff provided by the airport, the security line was long & they tried to cheat on me at the bar.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Paul Baldwin

17 August 2005

I know this is only a small airport and it is not Rome's main airport, but with all the cheaper airlines going into this airport now, why don't they spend some money on it. Once through to departures you can count the shops on one hand! There are not enough seats and nothing for children to do. If the Italians want to promote tourism I suggest they look at this airport.

Rome Ciampino Airport by John Bauman

8 August 2005

Just returned from Ciampino and found the actual airport was very good. However what let's it down are the uninterested ground handling agents for Ryanair who are more intent on gossiping and arranging their hair than opening the desks until 80 mins prior to the ETD. No explanation given. The queues stretched out of the terminal having already snarled up the departure area but the best was yet to come. The lines into the X- Ray search areas ground to a halt due to the queue to clear passport control at gates 7-9 for UK bound passengers stretching back through the departure area all the way back to the X- Ray machines. This was not a true security check, just it seemed a deliberate intention to cause inconvenience to passengers. The Passport Officers opened two desks but had the staff to open more. Even more annoying was the fact that they didn't even bother to examine our passports and just wanted us to queue. what a joke.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Ken Steel

19 July 2005

I can't believe Italians aren't embarrassed by this airport. It's inaccessible from the center of Rome, the terminal building is a gloomy shed and the restrooms are always filthy. Fiumicino could use a good cleaning as well but it is a much better option with regular rail service to central Rome, as well as decent shops and restaurants.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Owen Dawson

12 July 2005

Pleasantly surprised by Ciampino. Although clearly not intended for mass travel, the airport is clean and easy to negotiate. Ryanair and other travel companies will encourage you to part with EUR13 to get one of their buses into Rome, but when you step out of the arrivals building, look left to the bus stop where orange and / or dark blue COTRAL buses will be waiting. For EUR1 these will take you to Anagnina, the last stop on the Rome metro (journey time is about 25 minutes). From there, central Rome is an easy tube ride away. Possibly because of heightened security after the London bombings, there were a lot of Carabinieri with some rather nasty looking guns standing around the place when I went, but this should be reassuring rather then threatening. All in all, the airlines and transport authorities in Italy have made a pretty decent fist of cobbling together a viable commercial airport here.

Rome Ciampino Airport by John Beasley

15 June 2005

Trying to do it cheaply turned out to be the wrong option for my son and I. The Ryanair bus is 13.50 euro return from Ciampino to Termini Rome. You watch the Ryanair bus depart and an hour later the orange 'local' bus arrives. ! euro to get on. After wobbling all around the local streets it eventually makes it to Anagnina half hour later - the beginning of the Metro line. The metro train arrives, 1 euro to get on and around 12 stops later you are at Termini. Reverse journey same deal except no orange bus from Anagnina to airport. Um! Took a bus to Ciampino town centre which drops off next to railway station. Time running out now so had to take a taxi the last bit of journey. 15 euros please!

Rome Ciampino Airport by Dino Carlucci

4 June 2005

Our arrival at Ciampino was totally hassle free, we arrived passed through customs, got our shuttle bus tickets about 13 euro return in next to no time we were at Termini Roma, of course it is cheaper to go to Ciampino rail station station then on to Termini but its more hassle, returning was just as trouble free.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Pat Farmer

22 April 2005

I got in the wrong queue in the gate area, so I was later than everyone else on my Ryanair flight to London Stansted. When I walked through the gate out of the terminal building, I couldn't tell where I was supposed to go. There was a bus in front of me with lots of people on, so I got on that, but then I asked someone where they were going and they said somewhere in Germany. I got off the bus and asked someone else, and they said "Oh, it's that plane over there", and in a sarcastic tone "I don't know what you're doing on that bus". It was unbelievable. I could easily have got on the wrong plane. This may have been mainly Ryanair's fault, but the airport is obviously quite badly run overall.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Craig Blackwood

1 April 2005

As a frequent user of both Ciampino and Fiumicino airports, I have to say Fiumicino is to be preferred every time - and that's saying something. Ciampino is your standards low-cost airport, atrociously connected with the centre, small and tent-like, and not a lot to do once your there. CIA must be one of the worst connected airports I've ever used, even with the over-priced Ryanair bus traffic will always slow you down, otherwise your options are a sporadic and over-crowded bus to the nearby train station. If arriving very early or very late, the Ryanair bus may be your only option. Allow plenty of time to get there. But try to balance this with as little time in the airport as possible as there's literally nothing to do there, especially after security. Bear in mind that there will be a free-for-all at the gate, and yes, people will run across the tarmac to get a "good" seat. When arriving, try not to check in baggage because strangely, for a small airport, luggage takes a long time to appear on the belt.

Rome Ciampino Airport by James O'Brien

13 December 2004

After flying in and out of Ciampion last week I have found Federico Muscogiuri comments on this airport to be flaud. Passport control is quick your baggage comes qulicky also. I was in Roma Termini station approx 30 mins after leaving Ciampino airport and I didn't use Ryanair express bus either. You can simply take a bus for a euro to ciampino rail station and then from there into Rome Termini Sation the total journey cost me €3 not bad. Checking in for my return flight was a breeze - nice selection of shops and cafes for a small airport. I will use Ciampino airport before using over crowded FCO airport again.

Rome Ciampino Airport by Federico Muscogiuri

25 January 2004

Completely surrounded by cheap housing estates I wonder what passengers must think after they've landed at this small, tatty airport which looks and feels like a third world one. Even though it is closer to the city centre than Fiumicino it takes longer to get there as traffic is a nightmare especially during rush hours and public transport limited. Facilities and shops are almost non- existent so if you're stuck there's nothing to do. Some years ago there were talks of pulling it down altogether and building a shopping centre. Hope they go ahead with it.

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