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BREMEN AIRPORT review : 29 June 2009 : by Johnny Devaney

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

I agree that it is a small tidy airport with close proximity to the city. It is great that the tram is literally as you walk out the front doors, with a frequent service to the city. Bremen is such a great little city.

BREMEN AIRPORT review : 10 February 2009 : by L Addis

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

I thought this airport was lovely. Outside are the cobbled roads and tram link into center. In the main airport terminal the facilities are excellent. They have a truly amazing viewing deck with information about the space programme and aircraft using the airport. Security was quick, efficient and friendly and boarding immediate to the aircraft. I feel Bremen airport gives passengers the proper respect they deserve even when travelling a budget airline.

Bremen Airport by Keith Partington

15 January 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

I agree with Jurgen Arnold regarding this airport and its proximity to the lovely city of Bremen. I flew there last year on Easyjet, to and from London Luton but they don't do the route anymore it seems. Squeezed out by the inferior product from Ireland I guess so the comment about other low- cost competition may be a pipe dream. Now, if Easyjet were to try again from Gatwick they may give Ryanair a fright. My advice to Jurgen when next departing this lovely airport is to use the facilities in the main terminal first (much nicer and not much blue!) before travelling to Ryanair's plastic chairs at the last possible minute.

Bremen Airport by Jurgen Arnold

9 October 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

As living in the north of The Netherlands, Bremen airport is a good alternative for Amsterdam. Recently flown from the new low cost Ryanair terminal. Its basic, clean, and blue! There is a multipurpose shop which sells everything from a to z at somewhat inflated prices and small coffee shop. Seating is mostly in plastic chairs, which you could find at your local dentist. Reasonable but we had an early flight so it was not so crowded. Would not like to be there when its get full. There are also some paid internet terminals. The airport is well situated from the city center and freeway, from the parking garage you are within 3 minutes in the main terminal building. Bremen is still a great small airport but they need to get some other low cost airlines on board besides Ryanair.

Bremen Airport by Jurgen Arnold

8 September 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Nice medium sized airport located right in the city. Looks more like a mix between an office park and a train station. Security was friendly despite the recent terrorist scare. Could not comment on facilities as we had an early morning flight. At landside there are a few bars and restaurants, travel agencies.

Bremen Airport by Bob Box

18 March 2006

London Luton/Bremen a recently introduced route by EASYJET. Flew into (9 March 2006) and out (13 March) of Bremen airport. It is small, modern and efficient. Inward passport control and delivery of baggage very quick and efficient. Take a tram rather than a taxi to get to central Bremen. Tram number 6 will take you to the main square outside the central railway station in 10 minutes for 2.05 Euros. Tickets are purchased not from the driver but from onboard ticket machines that take coins only. There are instructions in English. Airport has a very small duty free shop and in the evenings (our flight was at 21.20) the departure lounge only has vending machines for the purchase of hot and cold drinks, ice crams and snacks. Overall a stress and hassle-free airport.

Bremen Airport by Hassan Al Jebel

26 February 2006

Bremen is a quite modern airport, small, but the first impression is really good. I arrived by taxi, but the taxi driver left me in front of Terminal 1. At that time of the day the airport was empty, no rush, so was the service. The signs to find the LH counters - no idea where they are! I saw an information desk where a woman in red dress was sitting. She was very unfriendly when I asked where I can find LH. She said "Terminal 3" and nothing else. I don't think this is a service desk, just a cashier for the parking - and service means friendliness to me. LH check in was really good, friendly, efficient and professional, like I had experienced before at other airports. I arrived more than 2 hours prior to departure, so I had plenty of time. Some nice cafes, at the second level some bistros, a restaurant and travel agencies. Some pictures are presented in a room in terminal 3. Shopping is very poor, although there are some signs showing the way. Didn't find any. Hair dresser was closed in the morning. No chance to change my left Euros. Excellent a free of charge terrace at level 3 with a great view of the apron. "Bremenhalle" on the roof is a small museum with an old airplane called Bremen, like the city, which first crossed the Atlantic from East to West, real aviation history is presented here. Security check was somehow rude. Boarding on time and efficient. All in all a very nice small airport, nice terrace, but only a really small number of shops, missing/wrong sings, dirty toilets (waters is dirty). Airport could be even much better. I will come back to Bremen.

Bremen Airport by M Meiners

8 August 2005

I just had to fly out from BRE. Actually a nice small airport, bright and quiet, with lots of green in front of it, located just a few kms away from downtown Bremen, with easy and frequent connections by tram leaving in front of central station and dropping passengers of right in front of the terminal, within 20 minutes. Layout of the terminal is a bit strange: arrivals in the center with departure and check-in sections on either sides. I took the first entrance showing "Departure" and of course couldn't see any LH desks, when looking on the monitors, I found out I had to go to terminal three. That gives the feeling that the whole airport is huge, but actually this "T3" is across the arrival hall, just at the other end of the building, all on the same floor at a short walk away. LH ticketing lady friendly and helpful. Check in at LH easy and quick. Only one eco, one business and even first class check in desk (even though on domestic an European flights LH doesn't offer First class). Attendants just wave waiting passengers to come trough at the first desk available. Lady at first class desk efficient and doing her job, but not much more than that... If I were a First class passenger, I would at least have expected a smile for the price I'd have to pay... For the rest not much to do in the terminal building. There is a sign indicating "shopping" on the 2nd floor, but there is a just a pharmacy and a small "art" exposition (which was actually certainly not of my taste). Throughout the building there a few news stands/ souvenir shops and a variety of coffee shops, some looking actually nice and friendly. Offering a variety of drinks and snacks for very reasonable prices (I would almost say cheap, compared to the rip off prices in other airports). For the rest loads of last minute ticket shops selling last minute holidays to the well known tourist spots in Europe and around the world. Maybe convenient for locals who want to have a easy overview of all the offers, but for those who already have their tickets to leave, not of much distraction. For the rest not a soul there. Security a bit overdue in my eyes: I handed over my cell phone, wallet with coins and was asked to remove my belt (I still wait for the first time all passengers will have to strip down...), but still the buzzer went of because of my watch or so, and that happened to basically everyone passing. In the departure lounge, LH offers free coffee and tea and some news papers (only in German, including international titles like Financial Times, so not much for international travelers...). Altogether a quick and pleasant experience.  

Bremen Airport by J Boese

16 May 2005

Bremen is one of the cute little airports that make flying fun. Located close to the city, you can leave home/hotel about an hour before your flight departs and you will make it. Security is usually very friendly (rare for German airports). Since it is not too busy, departures are quick, long taxiways unheard of and upon returning, in most cases I found my bags already rotating on the belt when I came from the plane. The tram connection to the city center could be more frequent evenings and Sundays, but then a cab is just a few bucks anyway.




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