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AMRITSAR AIRPORT customer review :  21 October 2013 by Alan Reeve    (UK)

Rating : 10/10





We flew from Delhi to Amritsar on Monday evening, 14 October 2013. Within half an hour of landing we had collected our luggage and were out of the airport. As it was a domestic flight there were no formalities. There was no other flights arriving, so the airport was empty and the whole experience could not have been better. We did not need trolleys as all our luggage has its own wheels, but there were trolleys readily available and the people we saw with trolleys did not appear to have any problems. The friends who were meeting us were able to drive right up to the arrival gate so loading ourselves and baggage into their vehicle was easy.

AMRITSAR AIRPORT customer review :  26 September 2013 by A Arora    (UK)

Rating : 6/10





The Airport has changed its way of working since 2002. It is now a lot cleaner airport with basic amenities available. There was no request from local staff for tips which surprised me on my recent trip. The security staff were friendly and no long queues. There was no charge for drop off near the departure gates which makes life easier. The airport needs to change the trolleys as most of them are broken and outdated. The shops need to sell more varieties of food. The current convenience shop at departures section of airport sells substandard goods. The departure and arrival terminal toilets need to be cleaned more frequently.

AMRITSAR AIRPORT customer review :  26 November 2012 by S Singh    (UK)

Rating : 9/10





I have made 2 trips (2010 and 2012) to India and went through Amritsar Airport. Nice airport, clean seating areas, got my luggage in 30-40 minutes. Immigration checks while coming out of country are bit odd, as they ask so many questions. Toilets are clean. Not so many shops but It does the job very nicely. Not a lot at the airport to entertain you, as not many cafes or restaurants, but its developing. So give it time.

AMRITSAR AIRPORT customer review :  5 July 2011 by D S Marbay   (UK)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






I have travelled to India by Amritsar airport first time. I have saved two days of travelling time (from Delhi to Jallandhar). I was in Jallandhar 2 hrs after landing. I had no problem with immigration, checking in, checking out etc. I want to see Amritsar airport making more progress and improvements and more flights which will be good for Punjab economy and increase job prospect for local people in the area. I will travel by Amritsar airport in future.

AMRITSAR AIRPORT customer review : 23 January 2010 by J Phull

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

I found Amritsar airport appalling. Disorganised chaos, trolleys everywhere and no-one is bothered to move them . Your luggage is being checked through the scanner before you check-in, not normal procedure. Washrooms/toilets flooded with water, no announcements to boarding the flight, no facility for credit cards only cash rupees, and no duty free.

AMRITSAR AIRPORT customer review : 15 October 2009 by A Summan

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Security in Amritsar airport is off the scale - they check and search you about 6 times until you depart, which is very time consuming. Baggage belts are poor, as in the electricity goes but the back up generator does not fully power the belt, so its stops working or goes slower. Luggage usUally takes very long as it is transported by tractor from the aeroplane. Duty free in this airport is very restricted and fairly expensive. Parking facilities are very tight. I don't see Amritsar improving - have been going to India every year and its all the same. I know why major airlines have pulled out of Amritsar.

Amritsar Airport review by Mikele Singh

11 April 2008   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

Airport security is incredibly lax and inconsistent. You initially undergo a brief bodysearch when arriving at the airport. My dad and our driver were both searched but my sister and I were not subject to this search. Maybe they can tell that your not dangerous just by looking at you? Our baggage was not checked when entering the airport. Due to cancellations we had to have our baggage security checked twice. This means you put your own suitcase into a big machine for x-ray while a security official watches a screen as it passes through. This is the baggage you check-in. The first time all bags were aloud through unchecked. The second time, one of the bags was flagged as containing a suspicious item. Why was this not flagged the first time? The security staff then wrap security tape around your suitcase to indicate that it has been checked. You then proceed to check- in on your own. This would allow enough time for you to insert dangerous items into your baggage. As far as i'm aware there are no more checks on your checked in baggage. The procedure is flawed. Then comes the second stage of security as you enter the departure lounge where your hand baggage is checked and you as a person. My sister got through with a nail file in her bag. In my opinion, as long as you look like you're not a threat to the safety of the hundreds of passengers you're about to fly with, you'll get through with anything. The security procedures here need to be over-hauled.

Amritsar Airport review by Tony Banwait

2 March 2008   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

February 2008 - This airport is currently undergoing some major renovation so there's construction mess everywhere. Upon arrival, got through immigration fairly quickly and suitcases arrived within 30 minutes. Leaving the terminal building confronted by scores of beggars which I found to be absolutely shameful for the airport authority to allow this. Had to navigate through various mounds of sand to get to our taxi. Departure day had to navigate through the same mountain of construction only to be greeed by throngs of airport security personnel who really don't know what they're looking at when they ask for passport and ticket. Showed wrong e-ticket print out but was still allowed to enter ! No problems through immigration and security. Prior to boarding need to show passport and boarding pass to security official, Jet Airways official and Indian government offical in a span of five feet.

Amritsar Airport review by Andrew Wilkinson

21 September 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

I recently visited Amritsar airport for the first time and found it a mixed experience. Clearly undergoing a major expansion the approach roads are something of a building site. Inside the terminal clean, tidy but with very limited facilities. Passport control was painfully slow with only two desks open. Yet I was very impressed that on arrival an airport worker noticed I had a bad leg and had some difficulty walking. He immediately offered assistance which was not required

Amritsar Airport review by Fred Sandhu

3 August 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

All comments before the opening of the new airport terminal in 2006 are irrelevant as the old terminal was basically a hut. I flew to and out of the new Amritsar airport terminal. The terminal is a vast improvement over the old. There are still some growing pains, such as unfinished drywall, and some shoddy construction but the facility is bright and modern with international standards. A few minor improvements like some better paint and better signage would go a long way. Baggage pick-up area is unneccesarily congested with carts obstructing access everywhere. Some common sense applied would help. On the other hand the departure was excellent with no delay, courteous staff and a nice general lounge. General cleanliness was an issue, but its India.

Amritsar Airport review by Deepa Jatt

13 July 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

My previous visit to this was back in 2005. In comparison my 2007 visit was a great experience - standards have improved beyond expectations. The site now boasts extensive parking on site and a much more modern feel to the whole airport building. The staff were polite, helpful, and had a good understanding of travellers needs. There were provisions for refreshments and more than adequate seating with the bonus of a satisfactory air conditioning system. Both upon arrival and departure the whole process was swift and efficient.

Amritsar Airport review by Davinder Singh

20 March 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Amritsar airport has come a long way with the new arrival and departure lounges. Arrival clearance was quick and the baggage arrived on time on the conveyer belts. Check in was swift with the handling agent completing forms. Security was quick also, anew bus took as to the aircraft. Jet airways and Singapore airlines fly from the UK and USA , Canada making the trip comfortable. The next phase of the airport will introduce air bridges and other improvements.

Amritsar Airport review by Ranjit Gill

10 October 2006

The Airport is improving. I have flown to Delhi, and Amritsar several times. The treatment by staff is the same where ever you fly in India, and the facilities in Delhi are hardly amazing compared to modern standards. I think people forget sometimes that this was never ment to be a civilian airport and is ex- army. I think with time it will only improve, but it beats a 9 hour drive any day from Delhi to Punjab.

Amritsar Airport review by Rana Dhatt

1 June 2006

The facilities were not great, but very convenient, and you know what they could use a tent for a terminal and I would still go back. Sure beats landing in Delhi, and driving to Punjab. The staff was very good, particularly the Singapore Airline ground staff.

Amritsar Airport review by  A Khera

12 August 2005

This is the worst airport I have ever had the misfortune to depart from (arrivals, although very slow, is ok.). Raji Sansi Airport seems to me to be an example of how to cram in as much beauracracy and paperwork into a process as possible. Our tickets and passports were inspected twice before we'd even got in to the airport!. At check- in the staff were extremely rude and un-communicative. The security processes to get through to the departure lounge we're the most convoluted and unnecessary that I've ever experienced with over-zealous staff who don't give a stuff about the customers they're supposed to be serving. The departure lounge is a joke, with a tiny counter in one corner where you can by local drinks (limca.miranda etc) for 30Rupees (double the going rate in Amritsar) or you can buy 'imported' canned drinks which because they're imported are priced at a ridiculous 150R - you wouldn't pay that much for a can of mango juice in London even! There is a new bigger airport building being constructed, but unless they improve the quality of the staff and services It's just going to be a big mess. Our experiences at Amritsar have meant that my wife, for whom this was her first trip to India, has vowed never ever to go back. I last went to India 10 years ago and flew from Delhi and that was no problem at all. My opinion at the time was: nice country shame about the people. My opinion remains unchanged.

Amritsar Airport review by  Paul Smith

16 May 2005

I travelled to Armritsar in July 2004 from England with Uzbeckistan Airways. As its seems in India form filling in double triplicate was the order of the day. Although it was night tome the heat was over powering and the airport would benifit from air conditioning. The luggage carousel was in a state of total dissrepair and the bags where thrown through the hole in the wall in a rough style by unseen hands. Next was the customs which if i hadnt have been traveling with an Indian friend i would have found daunting. The money they wanted was not handed over. I agree with another traveller about the lighting outside the airport which is dim to say the least. Things can only get better but if it did not it would not deter me from going to this most interesting city and its friendly people.

Amritsar Airport review by  Paviter S Grewal

29 March 2005

I flew IA into Amritsar in Nov. 2004 via Dubai. Airport Arrival staff was courteous which I wasn't expecting because I have heard horrible stories from others about the staff. I got my luggage intact. But departure was different story; everyone from security personnel to immigration staff was very slow and very rude. As far as facilities go, the current airport building is pretty old and not well kept but new building is under construction adjacent the old one. It should be operational sometime before the end of 2005. Let’s hope with new building customer service level will improve. All in all it beats traveling to Delhi. I’m looking forward to flying into Amritsar on my next trip.

Amritsar Airport review by  Gurbinder Singh

25 February 2005

I have used this airport several times now. Each time it seems to get slightly better. Furthermore, the new terminal building is due to open in late summer 2005 which will improve things even further. Airport staff at check-in, immigration control and security have also improved with their customer service skills. However, the only department which needs to improve is customs. Some members of Indian customs can be very petty which can result in heated arguments taking place between passengers and customs officials. The Indian government needs to also address the issue of improving the lighting situation on the main road which goes to the airport. At present it is pitch black at night which can be very daunting during night time.



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