Airlines are talking to customers with SKYCHAT

January 19, 2016 Category:


Airline Quality have announced the launch of SKYCHAT, a service which provides airlines the chance to reply and comment on customer reviews.


For many years, air travellers have been posting their trip experiences (be they good, bad or neutral) on our review site. With the launch of SKYCHAT, we are giving airlines the option to comment on and respond to these user reviews. This is seen as much more than just a right to reply, and we are creating a platform of dialogue that we hope will give airlines an opportunity to give constructive feedback as well. Most airlines are nowadays much more proactive at this type of dialogue through various social media channels, but we are providing an industry-wide option for any airline in a single site. We will shortly be adding the SKYCHAT option for airports throughout the world to similarly reply to reviews.

Verified user reviews

Coinciding with the launch of SKYCHAT, many of our users have been receiving requests for additional trip verification (eg. copy of their e-ticket) in recent weeks. With the success of these extra authenticity checks, Verified reviews will be highlighted in due course and will hopefully make the purpose of the SKYCHAT service more meaningful to both our users and the airlines.

What site users will see

Airlines are able to post their SKYCHAT to individual reviews, and the response is shown below the trip review in question. The review heading will also show a blue message icon to identify those which have been responded to.

Airline registration for SKYCHAT

Any airline wishing to participate in the SKYCHAT response and comment option should contact us to get registered, and within 24 hours your service should be up and running.

Airlines can obtain the information from our Web Support at E-mail: [email protected]