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Kristiansand Airport customer review

Kristiansand is very small airport just one story. Apart from being very small I have never on my few trips had any problems. No long queues (in fact almost none at all) speedy check-in quick baggage claim. Since the airport is so small you're almost out of the airport before you're inside. This may fit KRS particularly well since more than 50% of passengers are business travelers. Anyway my last trip KRS-OSL and OSL-KRS: Arrived well in time for check-in there had been rumours of cancellation and not surprisingly SK222 was more than three hours late - luckily with a seat for me 5-10 minutes before the flight departed. Total time at the airport was less than 15 minutes. When arriving back three weeks later we parked just at the baggage claims - had to wait five minute before the belt was moving then right in the car. Total time at the airport was 10 minutes.