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Kish Air Customer review :  5 May 2013 by JuYoung Han    (Turkey)

Rating : 3/10

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Mehrabad-Kish, not the best airline i have ridden. After a long delay, we were all put in a little bus that took us to an ancient plane. The plane was very old, seats were cramped, seatbelts were broken, and the plane itself was very small. I was very surprised to see food, but it wasn't very wonderful. However, Iranian standards aren't very high.

Kish Air review : 26 March 2009 : by Charles Kennedy

Customer Rating : 3/5

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Flown Kish Air a few times between Tehran (THR) and Kish (KIH). Tupolev 154s are in good condition and flights are generally on time. Kind and professional crew. Food is a heavy sandwich, packet of raisins, bread roll, juice box of OJ.

Kish Air review : 14 August 2008 : by A Nilsen

Customer Rating : 0/5

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I have to travel with this company every month. Generally it seems that security is at low priority. Old shabby planes, sometimes with defect seats, defect or missing safety belts and during the safety brief they speak about the safety folder in the pocket in front of me - but there is nothing in that pocket Every |Iranian has to use their cellphone during take-off and landing and the crew don't do anything.

Kish Air review : 29 November 2006 : by V Williams

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Kish Air, a small, apparently privately-owned Iranian carrier, operates a cheap service between Kish Island (Iran), Dubai (UAE), and Muscat (Oman). My wife and I have used them on the DXB-MCT sectors and were actually quite pleased. Although the aircraft was an aging Fokker F-50 apparently bought off a Latin American carrier judging from the Spanish and English language signs in the somewhat shabby interior, the service was very good. The staff was amazingly friendly and attentive (The fact that I speak some Farsi may have helped here, I suppose.), and the snack, though not hot, was at least edible, more than I can say for the food on some US domestic carriers. Considering we had paid barely US $50 per person round trip, this was quite a deal! I would happily fly them again. There is one caveat: Kish Air did have a fatal crash last February or March.



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