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Karthago Airlines Passenger Reviews and Karthago Airlines Customer Trip Reports

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KARTHAGO AIRLINES review : 7 July 2008 : by M Harris

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

We have just travelled back from Tunisia. After a 7 hour delay flying from Gatwick with no explanation, only to be met when we boarded with a grumpy crew with no interest in the passengers, and a plane that was borderline on the unsafe. Broken seats, tables, and a tatty cabin. On the way back, there were four Karthago flights, the first was delayed for 14hrs, a Manchester flight delayed for 9.5hrs, ours for 7hrs and another one indefinitely. Again, with no explanation other than a technical fault. So as per the comment below, two technical faults in a week, not reassuring. The plane coming back was worse.

KARTHAGO AIRLINES review : 7 July 2008 : by P Kearsey

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

I have just returned from Tunisia flying Monastir Manchester with Karthago and can safely say that I will never fly with them again. The two hour delay on the way out was nothing compared to the nearly 10 hour delay on the way back. A brief apology was made when we were finally on board but no explanation offered other than that "they'd had a really bad week". What made the experience even worse was the misleading or complete lack of information about what was happening and no obvious presence of staff from the airline at the airport to keep us updated. We were initially informed of a six hour delay by our tour operator (Just Sunshine) on the way to the airport and were transferred to a nearby hotel to wait. We were provided with lunch (though the quality of food was poor). Our tour rep seemed unable to keep us informed of reason for the delay or keep us updated - some passengers resorted to the internet or relatives in the UK for information. When we were taken to the airport after six hours we were informed we would be taking off around 7/7.30. However at 7.30 we were still waiting at the departure gate (although the information boards were flashing 'last call'). The departure time shown on the boards then changed to 8.30, then 9.30. Just after we received a free soft drink for our troubles the boarding announcement finally came and we took off nearly 10 hours late. We were not alone in our experience - the other 4 Karthago flights shown on the information boards were delayed including the Gatwick flight which had a 6.5 hour delay by the time we left, I don't know how much longer they had to wait.

KARTHAGO AIRLINES review : 3 July 2008 : by C Parfitt

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Just come back from a week in Tunisia and flew with Karthago Airlines - shocking! Had a 4 hour delay flying out and staff were very surly and unfriendly. They served one side of the plane drinks and not the other. The airline food was awful - I usually eat most airline food given to me but this was awful. Coming back was even worse - 6.5 hour delay and a complete fiasco - no one told us anything - started at 2 hour delay and then kept going up. we were transferred to a hotel near the airport and were given an awful meal. Picked up a few hours later and finally boarded the flight having had to clear customs again and being asked for our visa forms even though we had already handed them in. Then we had to find our duty free and hang around. Once on the flight - a short apology was given but no explanation why we were delayed. The FAs were rude and too busy talking about what they were up to than being interested in the passengers. I would avoid this airline if at all possible - they only have a fleet of 6 planes and we had two with technical faults in one week!

KARTHAGO AIRLINES review : 2 July 2008 : by Paul Slater

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

My outward flight from Gatwick airport to Monastir (Tunisia) was delayed by four hours; no real explanation was given and apologies seemed less than sincere. Worst still was the return journey. There was a seven-hour delay and there were no ground staff available. The announcement that passengers were to be taken from the airport to a local hotel were so disorganised and unintelligble that several passengers missed the announcements altogether. Again, no representatives from the airline showed themselves. The meal provided at the hotel - burgers, lukewarm vegetables and potatoes followed by melon pieces - was, to say the least, poor. While the in-flight cabin service and catering were reasonable, the airline seemed not to care a jot about the inconvenience to passengers on both outward and return flights. Unless there is absolutely no other option, I shall not fly with Karthargo again.

KARTHAGO AIRLINES review : 25 June 2008 : by Debbie Griffiths

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Thomas cook changed our flight to go with Kathargo. On time, plane clean and comfortable and staff most friendly and helpful. We enjoyed our meals on the outbound and inbound and drinks were plentiful at no charge only for alcoholic drinks. Overall the airline was equally as good as any others we have flown.

KARTHAGO AIRLINES review : 20 May 2008 : by W Rioch

Customer Rating : n/a


Flew to Monastir. The flight was on time with a crew who were efficient and friendly. The plane was clean, meal excellent and there was more leg room than usual for a charter flight. On the return the plane was obviously older! One or two passengers had broken seats and the meal was not so good. However, I would still be happy to fly with Karthago again.

Karthago Airlines - by Linda Evans

26 October 2007

Cardiff to Monastir return. Never again with this airline. Dirty cabin, seat pocket full of rubbish, ripped seats, I had a person in my lap all the way home as the seat wouldn't go vertical, and my rear end on a broken spring all the way there. On the way back we could actually see the flight deck as we took off as the door wasn't shut - again very off putting. Food was ok, but tea and coffee sparse and cold. A lot of the duty free goods were unavailable.

Karthago Airlines - by J Terry

26 October 2007

Cardiff to Monastir return. Both flights on time, staff pleasant and the food was hot. The 737-300 did look a little old and decor, seat backs etc a little torn but no worse than many other airlines I've flown. This airline is adequate.

Karthago Airlines - by J Parker

5 June 2007

Kathargo Airlines charter flight Dublin - Monastir return. Operated by a Boeing 737-300 The leg room was adequate for a charter, hot meal service both ways which was good . Cabin crew, no problem, meals and drinks served with a smile, soft drinks free, with alcoholic drinks priced between 2-3 euro, alot cheaper than what other airlines charge. We had a four hour delay on our return flight, kept well informed, which was due to the inbound flight being delayed in Vienna. Given vouchers to use in the departures cafe for refreshments / sandwiches, which was more that adequate for a mid afternoon snack. Outbound flight from Dublin left on time, and arrived ahead of schedule. After reading a few of the negative reports on them on this site, I expected the worse, but I would have no hesitation flying with them again, it seems a lot of the reports about them is over rated. It's not a UK airline, it's based in the country that you are flying to, try speaking a little French to the crew - that brings a smile, sit back and enjoy your holiday!

Karthago Airlines - by Doreen Straker

19 October 2006

Flew to Monastir 1 October. Supposed to fly out to Monastir at 18.35 hrs but didn't fly until 01.00 hrs, no explanation given. On boarding, the cabin was smelling of cigarette smoke - it was old and shabby, some seating, armrests and seat belts were broken, the toilet door woudn't close. Just one look at the food - tea and coffee were undrinkable. There was no inflight entertainment and the cabin crew were not pleasant. The return flight was a little cleaner, the staff more pleasant but the food wasn't fit for consumption. All was reported to our holiday representative on arrival at our hotel. Would never fly with Kathargo ever again.

Karthago Airlines - by Myra MacGough

15 October 2006

Edinburgh to Monastir - aircraft was an old 737-300 which had shabby broken seats with worn coverings on seats, armrests were broken. During the meal our temporary tables sat an angle because armrest was broken allowing meal trays to slip off. There was no inflight entertainment, duty free service very poor indeed most items advertised in brochure not available, crew had difficulty in working out how much you paid. Cabin crew were courteous and helpful. On return flight same conditions as before, good points both flights were on time. Can't say we were impressed the aircraft has to be upgraded to give the passengers comfort and service they expect. Seats very uncomfortable for three and a half hour flight.

Karthago Airlines - by Julia Williams

22 July 2005

Gatwick to Monastir on the 10th July and returned on the 17th July with this airline. Good punctuality is about all that redeems it! The staff were friendly enough however the old style Boeing 737-300 was very tatty, my seat was broken and the armrest was falling off. Flies were buzzing around all the time on both journeys.Space was very cramped and the leg room was minimal (I am only 5ft 2 and still found it tight). The food was absolutely abysmal out and back. Outbound food hot meal) was lukewarm and was sent back three times. Inbound meal was inedible beef stew. Roll, no butter. I wouldn't want to fly with them again.


Karthago Airlines - by Shirley de Wit

13 July 2005

Monastir to Gatwick return. The aircraft was not clean with rubbish in seat pockets and food smeared seat trays. Cabin crew were superb - the problem was black flies buzziing around the whole journey - and passengers continually swatting them I was bitten many times on my lower leg and ankles. I would not like to fly with them again.


Karthago Airlines - by David Starr

29 May 2005

Kathargo charter flight London Gatwick - Monastir return. 737-300 with slightly old interior - but this was the only downside. The leg room was adequate and compared well to most scheduled flights. Slight delay on return flight but otherwise good punctuality. The meals on both segments were excellent with complimentary soft drinks. Alcoholic drinks were very modestly priced at between 2 to 3 euros - much cheaper than the U. charter flights. What made the flight was really the very friendly and efficient cabin crew. This charter flight was a refreshing change to the cramped U.K. charters and would be happy to fly with them again.


Karthago Airlines - by E Lam

7 January 2004

I flew on Karthago Airlines last week from Moscow-DME to Tunis, and from Monastir back to Moscow. On the first flight, the interior of the 737-300 looked pretty old. Some of the fabric on the seat backs were torn. On the second flight, on a seperate 737-300, the interior was newer and in general more comfortable. Meals were served on both flights. There was no inflight entertainment or inflight magazine. The best part both flights were the exceptionally friendly and helpful cabin crew. There was also a decent selection of duty free items available on board.



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