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Felix Airways customer review :  17 April 2011 by Emil Schmid   (Switzerland)


Trip Rating :  7/10

Score 7 out of 10



Value for Money:


Cabin Flown:


Sharjah via Mukhalla to Socotra and back, onboard nearly full Yemeni Bombardier CRJ200 plane. Check in at Sharjah was a bit chaotic due to much luggage, boarding the plane was guided by the station manager personally in Sharjah, as there wasn't any seat allocation. They have an inflight magazine. During the 2-hour flight to RIY a snack was served. Crew very nice; on the return flight, leaving SCT, the captain even explained everything what was visible from the windows. The plane was in a good shape, at least what was visible - clean and tidy.



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