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CARPATAIR customer review :  25 April 2011 by René Engesser (Switzerland)


Trip Rating : 9/10

Score 9 out of 10



Value for Money:


Cabin Flown:


FCO-TSR-IAS, Business Class. Check-in in FCO terrible, just 1 counter, 45 minutes waiting time. No lounge offered. Inflight service with very friendly and attentive staff, good food. Transit in TSR as well, despite of being a small and old airport, was ok. Here again, very polite staff.

CARPATAIR customer review : 22 December 2010 by Anisoara Pirlog

Customer Rating :  1/5

1 Star Rating

Rome-Timisoara-Chisinau. At check-in desk in Rome we were informed that the flight Timisoara- Chisinau was overbooked. 10 persons were left in Rome without any assistance from Carpatair. After a call to Timisoara they assured that we would fly for Budapest and later to Chisinau in 5 hours. After arriving to another terminal for check-in for Budapest at appointed time, Alitalia representatives informed that Carpatair does not have a commercial agreement with them , thats why we should call the Carpatair again. Finally they arranged another flight for another day. In short, 20 hours of delay, without any support. Lack of professionalism and care for clients.

CARPATAIR customer review : 15 April 2010 by P Nesbitt

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating

Rome to Constanta. A slight delay on the second leg of the flight due to bad weather affecting the incoming connection. Food Ok and service fine, basically you got what you paid for and no complaints from me, would use them again.

CARPATAIR customer review : 14 January 2010 by Victor Neagu

Customer Rating :  3/5

3 Star Rating

Verona-Timisoara-Chisinau. The flight from Verona departed almost 5 hours late resulting in 4.5 hours late arrival at the final destination. The company didn't provide sufficient information as to the causes of delay. Voucher provided for food and drinks doesn't get you much in Verona airport. I should commend them for holding the flight Timisoara-Chisinau on the tarmac until a number of connecting passengers flying from all over Italy made it to Timisoara. Onboard the service was good. Offered hot meal, alcoholic drinks and good attitude from flight attendants despite the stress and extended working hours caused by the delay. Service on the Timisoara-Chisinau leg also good. Overall three stars. Two stars for handling the delay and 4 stars for service, attitude and the fact that they did get us to the final destination on the same day, despite a long delay.

CARPATAIR customer review : 12 August 2009 by J de Jong

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating

Duesseldorf - Timisoara return. This airline has been a pleasant surprise. The Saab 2000 was comfortable, seats very good and legspace excellent. Food on board was among the best I've seen. The return from Timisoara was operated by an Air Nostrum CRJ-200. Check-in counter at Timisoara opened only 80 minutes before scheduled departure, but check-in smooth. Cabin crew was Carpatair staff and they deserve a compliment. On both flights they were friendly, helpful and competent.

CARPATAIR customer review : 22 June 2009 by P Ayrton

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating

Budapest and Cluj-Napoca 6 times return. The staff have always been pleasant and helpful, food the best I have been served on flights for many years. On one flight when the plane landed 10 minues earlier than scheduled the cabin crew were very apologetic because there hadn't been time to serve coffee after the meal! One reviewer mentioned the problem of payment. I had this problem on my first booking, but since Carpatair has been liaising closely with Malev this has not occurred again. I would certainly recommend this airline.

Carpatair review by Alessio Falco

20 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Milan Bergamo to Lviv via Timisoara. Flight due to leave at 11.30 a.m. check-in started 2.5 hours before departure. 20 mins after take off we were served lunch and the chance to have some wine. After 1h 50minutes we landed in Timisoara - after 1 hour we were boarded on the flight to Lviv, the aircraft was another Saab 2000 the flight attendants were again smiling and professional but this time we were served only a snack with beverages. Lviv airport looks like a Museum, a small Opera House, inside a lot of Soviet Fresco paintings on the walls, no bars but only a self service snack point - no boarding gate but a small departure area divided from the apron by a small door. Again the aircraft was a saab 2000 and the 2 flight attendants were helpful; this time we had hot breakfast - flight landed on time at Timisoara then after another hour we took off to Bergamo.

Carpatair review  by Tom Lowe

13 February 2007  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Munich to Timisoara business class. Service was excellent. The meal and bar was generous ad FA professional and attentive. Sadly, it all went belly up when we landed and my luggage didn't make it. Heard nothing from the airline for three days. Got increasingly frustrated by the lack of contact. Had to collect my luggage myself from the airport four days later.

Carpatair review  by Victor Neagu

30 September 2006

Timisoara-Munich. The flight was 1h 50 min and operated on a SAAB 2000, which was in pretty good shape ( I believe these are former Crossair props). Was offered a decent breakfast on this flight, although a little bit disappointed that the cheese omlette was cold. Otherwise good selection of drinks and friendly crew. Overall a good deal for the price! Would fly them again.

Carpatair review  by Paddy Webber

29 May 2006

Tried to book on line with them but they do not take on-line bookings. So I rang reservations - and I did not believe my ears. They do not accept a bank or credit card for payment! Instead, at the cost of GBP 20 I have to send a bankers draft to Romania!




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