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BERLIN TEMPELHOF AIRPORT review : 25 September 2008 : by Peter Cullen

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

I used Tempelhof for the first (and I guess last) time last week. It is wonderful - why are modern airports not like this? The history and architecture are fabulous of course, but it also works incredibly well - admittedly having so few flights means nothing is really under pressure. As noted elsewhere, public transport links are excellent, one can be in the city centre within 15 minutes of walking off the plane. From the departure lounge to seat on the aircraft takes less than a minute. I guess it is an anachronism in the 21st century, but it is sad to say goodbye to an airport with real character.

BERLIN TEMPELHOF AIRPORT review : 7 June 2008 : by Lisa Sanders

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Templehof is a dream. The architecture is beautiful and the departure hall is stunning. Some of the original features can be found, a true jewel. It oozes nostalgia and would be a tragedy to lose such a wonderful piece of history. The most civilised journey I've embarked on to date was Templehof to Brussels.

Berlin Tempelhof Airport by W Wynants

16 December 2007   Customer Rating : 5 Star Rating

This post World War II airbridge landmark is probably the best airport location worldwide. Nowadays it is called Zentral Flughafen and that is because the U-bahn is only a 3-minute walk . From here it only takes minutes to get anywhere in the city. The terminal is completely outdated but very charming: Planes park literally in the terminal and boarding and deboarding happen always dry thanks to the roof of the hangar. The toilets are clean, there is a delishop/bar and all major car rental companies have a desk. Unfortunately THF is not smoke free, passengers still smoke in the smoking area of the already small waiting areas at the gates.

Berlin Tempelhof Airport by Matthew Ross

16 November 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Very convenient for the city centre. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of routes (but Brussels Airlines offers a good service several times per day). The advantage is that the airport is uncrowded - at times almost deserted. I regret that it is now living on borrowed time. There is a Berlin Underground (U-Bahn) station nearby, but there are quite a few steps - so it is difficult for passengers travelling with luggage, let alone disabled travellers.

Berlin Tempelhof Airport by Lars Dunn

30 March 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

I was surprised when I arrived at Berlin Tempelhof how small the airport was. However the facilities are there although in a small scale, and the airport is relatively clean and friendly. Not a bad airport, just a bit out of date.

Berlin Tempelhof Airport by Declan Bourke

8 November 2005

I travelled from Berlin Tempelhof on 5/11/05. I arrived at the airport at 8.30 for a 10.55 flight. I have never experienced a more chaotic airport. When I finally cleared the initial security screening and checked in for my flight I commenced queuing once more, the queue which was very slow became absolutely chaotic when people entered the queue from the sides and no airport staff or security staff intervened. The entire experience showed a level of inability in the security or airport staff to ensure orderly queuing and safety of passengers. I will be very reluctant to use this airport again.

Berlin Tempelhof Airport by Jens Mueller

21 March 2005

Oldest airport that is still in use, but great! The mother of all airports has an impressive architecture, huge size and is very close to the city. Unfortunately, SN Brussels airlines is the only largest airline flying there, together with some local airlines. Unfortunately, they want to close it in the next years but the building will not be destroyed.

Berlin Tempelhof Airport by Hans Berschneider

15 April 2004

Tempelhof is Berlin's pre WWII airport and is one of the older operational airports in Europe, It's an arrchitectural treasure. It's also a friendly, nice and peaceful airport. Unfortunately they are going to shut it down in the next few years because of lack of travel demand and because it is in the located in the middle of a densely populated residential area.

Berlin Tempelhof Airport by Mark Evans

31 October 2003

One for the historians of airport architecture, a real time-warp from the 1960s and earlier. This was the original pre-WW2 Berlin airport. The paucity of flights serving Tempelhof make for a very stress-free environment. Emerging from the terminal, one finds oneself in an ordinary residential street, the facade of the terminal blending in with the neighbouring apartment blocks. The U-Bahn station is just 300 m away, and one is in the heart of Berlin cheaply and in double-quick time. But look again at that facade, towards the top: there's a gap. Wasn't that where the old regime's notorious symbol used to stand?

Berlin Tempelhof Airport by Christian Seefeldt

30 October 2003

Easy to get there - free parking just in front of it - super fast check in and so on. It took me 10 minutes from the moment I parked my car to the lounge. Highly recommended. The only problem is, nearly no flights leaving here !!




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