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SANYA AIRPORT customer review :  6 August 2012 by Esther Ng    (Singapore)

Rating : 3/10





Sanya International Flights Terminal. Flight got delayed and had to wait at the airport with no aircon and fan. Very warm during hot season. No other food except for KFC which does not serve pre-cooked food. Have to wait for at least 30-40 minutes for food to be cooked. Souvenir shops are closed and they are only open when nearing flight timing. It is like a deserted airport with no proper facilities. Only toilets are air-conditioned.

SANYA AIRPORT review : 13 March 2009 : by R Pontida

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

No real problem with the airport. As with most chinese airports, it's rather recent, with pretty efficient baggage claim. It's also relatively close to the city (ab 15 km), which means there are cheap (and crowded) regular buses, and taxi will cost you maybe 50 yuan (5 €). But what I really love is the waiting area outside.

Sanya Airport by Y Leung

1 November 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

The new international wing of the Sanya Phoenix Airport is clean, efficient and hygienic, with good toilets. No jetways are available in the international section though in the domestic section there are four. Passengers need to be bussed to the plane. The whole building is constructed with wood with high ceiling and no air conditioning is needed. The whole place has a tropical theme not seen elsewhere in China.

Sanya Airport by Florian Schultz-Wild

15 May 2005   Customer Rating : n/a

Get off the plane and walk to the arrivals hall - no sky-bridge and no buses. It was only a five minute walk, but even so the luggage was already on the belt. If it wasn't for the "greeters" from hotels and other drivers, the arrival hall would be empty. No information stand, no sign boards, no telephone... but there IS a bus to downtown Sanya. Being such a popular holiday resort and proud three-time host of the Miss World Competition, I had expected at least half decent toilets at the airport. Far from it and to be avoided! No paper, no soap but a smell that can guide you from any corner of the arrival hall. During peak season such as May Holiday, they have probably 2-3,000 people leaving within one hour. But there are less than 100 trollys. Many flights are after 9PM, check out time in mot hotels is noon. Many tourists spend the last three or four hours at the airport! So the few trollys are quickly snapped up and kept for hours by those arriving early and leaving late. On the other hand, it's really only a short way from the car to the check-in counter. The waiting area is definitely too small for this peak-travel season, both before and after security check. Best to arrive no more than 45 min before departure and get straight on the plane. The selection of products/souveniers sold at the airport is meagre compared to anywhere else in Sanya - and more expensive. By the way, the beach is so good -

Sanya Airport by Harry Tsui

8 April 2005

Sanya Phoenix Airport is a small and efficient airport serving mostly tourists going to the Hawaiian-like Yayong Bay resorts. The airport is close to the city center with about 20 minutes ride. It takes about 45 minutes to go to Yalong Bay. Once you arrive at the airport, it takes very short time to go to the exit gate. But when you are exiting, there are so many people there waiting for you, especially the taxi drivers. You have to negotiate the price before getting on the taxi. To avoid any confusion you should contact your resort before coming to Sanya. Most hotels would have their own hotel transportation at around $120 yuans for Yalong Bay bound trip unless you are are local Chinese who knows about all the tricks. Taxi drivers there are usually contract drivers. They take you around the area for sightseeing and shopping. It costs around $300 yuans for a day's tour. Most of them are friendly people who just want to make a living. Local transportation are almost non-existence. The city center is like a war-torned zone. Instead of shopping around the main streets (nothing to find anyway), try to go inside the food market on the back streets. I tried the noodles there ($2 yuan) and they were tasty. But personal security is a main concern. When departing, Sanya airport has a nice departure hall on the second floor. It is well lighted with natural light. The big plus is the nice shops there. They sell many local items like the yellow chilli and coconut products. Prices are only a bit more than the local market. Those are very nice as the gift items. Overall, the airport itself is very clean and efficient. The only draw back is the airport connections between the airport and the city center, as well as the famous Yalong Bay. If they can either open the routes for competition or set one up by the airport or the city itself, it will make Sanya even a better resort designation!



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