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TONTOUTA AIRPORT customer review :  6 May 2013 by A McNicol    (Australia)

Rating : 10/10





Arrived on full QF91 from Sydney on 22 April. Fantastic new airport that does credit to New Caledonia. Clean, modern and very quick from a full plane to bus transfer to Noumea.

TONTOUTA AIRPORT customer review :  27 March 2013 by S Lorang Grimaldi    (New Caledonia)

Rating : 9/10





I passed through this airport in July 2012. They had done a lot of improvements since the first time I flew through in 2011 and I know that it's not totally finished now. The price of food and beverages is pretty expensive. The airport looks good and clean. The staff are professional.

TONTOUTA AIRPORT cuatomer review : 14 February 2010 by Theresa Martans

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Tontouta Airport is a building dating back to the 1970s offering basic facilities. However, it is undergoing an amazing expansion and facelift which looks promising : modern, with pleasant architecture and more user-friendly. The new airport should be completed by 2011. On arrival, pax climb down steps and cross the air-parking zone to enter the airport. There are five-six immigration booths open per flight, however the quarantine service is small and slow. Tontouta airport is a no smoking area. The departure hall is of reasonable size for the current traffic, and the ground staff is friendly. The café is expensive and basic, but it could be worse. The whole airport is a free WI-FI zone. On departure, after checking in the luggage, pax often wait long minutes in a line to perform the immigration and security controls. The police and security staff are usually friendly enough, though cruelly lacking the ability to communicate in English! The boarding lounge where the gates are located is well air- conditioned , though boring. The main features being a largish duty-free shop and a café on the 1st floor. The business class lounge is comfortable and obviously more interesting. There is a post-office and a bank in both arrival and boarding lounges for money exchange, however the only ATM distributor is in the main hall across from the souvenir shop.

TONTOUTA AIRPORT cuatomer review : 28 September 2009 by Jake Taylor

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Tontouta is a fairly basic international airport. There are no skybridges, so on arrival you descend the stairs and cross the tarmac to the single terminal, and vice versa on departure. Customs and immigration are fairly straightforward, although a little bit of French will help. The airport is a long way from Noumea, so it is best to arrange a transfer with your hotel, pre booking before you leave is the best. Arc en ciel was the best company we thought. Heading back out is always a nightmare at Tontouta, there is no order for anything. Customs is always straightforward when departing. Only a small duty free on the other side, and only 1 cafe. not much to do. There are no tv screens or monitors for the flights. You just have to rely on the French announcements and a piece of paper at the gate. Overall was a good experience, and a very good airport for a small tropical island.

Tontouta Airport by Rod Eime

21 November 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

I've travelled through Tontouta a few times now and have thought the place relatively unremarkable. Basic, with few luxuries and an unfortunate distance from Noumea township, NOU finally earned a brickbat on my last visit. Security screening caused the delay of two very busy flights to SYD and Tokyo. Appallingly slow and with little or no organisation, it's a wonder pax remained calm and good-natured as they crushed in against the one tiny door. With Tokyo pax getting priority, my QF92 to SYD left a full hour late wholly as a result of this woeful process. Only one of the two X-Ray machines were in operation because, apparently, of a lack of trained staff. When I reported it to airport officials, the response was, "Oh!".

Tontouta Airport by Patrick Callioni

3 January 2006

Not a great airport, but not the worst either. The only really bad aspect is the cost of food and drink - 17 Australian dollars for a stale sandwich and two cokes at a self-service cafe is over the top. The fact that smoking is allowed is also a black mark. Make sure you have arranged a transfer to and from the airport, because there are few taxis and the ride is not cheap, because of the distance from Noumea.

Tontouta Airport by Matthew Bohun

10 August 2004

Tontouta is a fairly basic international airport. There are no skybridges, so on arrival you will descend the stairs and cross the tarmac to the single terminal, and vice versa on departure. Customs and immigration are fairly straightforward, although a little bit of French will help. The airport is a long way from Noumea, so it is best to arrange a transfer with your hotel, this will cost XPF2500 (EUR 21.57) payable to the driver in cash. I did not see any ATMs in the arrivals area, so it would be as well to buy some francs before you arrive. New Caledonia Tourism also has links to a number of transport companies that provide airport transfers. The airport is a smoking zone, and many passengers take advantage of this. When you depart, your hotel should recommend you leave for the airport three hours before your scheduled flight. Again it will be a XPF 2,500 (cash) bus fare to the airport. There is no additional departure tax, as it will have been collected by the airline when they ticketed your flight. At the airport you will need to fill in the departure card before you approach the customs area, and there are no pens anywhere. Customs and security are uneventful. Just through security you can turn to the left and go up the stairs to the two airline lounges - Air Calin and Air France. Air Calin's Hibiscus Lounge is very small and basic, whilst the Air France's Salon looks much larger and has nice tub style leather chairs. I was flying Qantas and they use the Air Calin lounge. There is one duty free store airside, on the left after the stairs to the lounges. There is really only one gate area, although there are a number of "gates" - doors to the tarmac. At the far end of the departure area you go up the stairs to the public bar and cafe. The boarding procedure is very relaxed and does not take that long.

Tontouta Airport by Mark Thomson

14 February 2004

Tontouta International Airport is located 45km outside of Noumea. If you catch a cab to the airport be prepared to pay for a two-way journey, as cabbies are not guaranteed a return fare back into town. There's no point turning up early for your flight. The airport only operates when flights are due to arrive/depart. Check-in counters, the small souvenir shop and cafe don't open till 90 minutes prior to scheduled departures. Duty free shopping is only available air-side, which can only be accessed 60 minutes prior to departure. Surprisingly, smoking is permitted in all parts of the terminal. In summary, Tontouta is a very basic facility offering very basic services. On a more positive note, all the airport's ground staff were exceptionally friendly, helpful and good- natured, including check-in agents, security, immigration and customs officials.




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