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DALIAN AIRPORT review : 30 November 2008 : by Nick Fortuna

Customer Rating :  3/5

3 Star Rating

Arrived in the domestic section in the evening. Bags out quickly, no matching of the bag-tag to the baggage receipt as can be the case in other airports. Left on the international side the following morning. Check-in reasonably quick. No waiting for passport control. Security check also quick, though followed up by a pat-down. Once airside, the food options are limited. The small, smoky cafe served very expensive filter coffee at 38RMB (espresso machine broken), but the Udon noodles at 40RMB were excellent. Shopping limited. The Terminal is bright, nice and airy, though fairly small - only five gates in the international section. When taxiing, you get a nice view of the military airport, the closest foreigners will get to seeing chinese airforce planes.

Dalian Airport by Y Leung

27 March 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Excellent airport with ample space and good architecture. Check-in very efficient. Immigration officers very friendly because now there is a small machine on the left side with which you can evaluate the service of service of the officer, from poor to excellent in 5 grades. It is true that it doubles as a military airport but you could have a rare sight of military jets standing nearby.

Dalian Airport by Chris Carroll

7 February 2008   Customer Rating : n/a

Dalian Airport is ok. It is a large “new” terminal now, with both the old and new buildings not exactly seamlessly combined. Check in for both domestic and international flights is straight forward. Look at the departure board and go to the appropriate window. Security is also easy. Don’t put your ticket away as they need to see it along with your passport and boarding pass. Delays are common due to the bad weather in the area- seems to me they built the airport in the foggiest part of the city. High winds also cause problems and the fact the civil airport doubles as a military base means there is no prize for guessing who gets priority. Don’t go there hungry or you will have to pay high prices for average Chinese or Korean food. The usual snack shops are plentiful but expect to pay for it. Toilets are bearable but (as with all toilets in China) don’t forget to take some paper from the dispenser near the wash area as there is none provided in the individuals cubicles. I guess they think you will steal it if they leave you alone with it long enough. Despite the smoking rooms provided, Chinese still insist on smoking in the toilets so you have to put up with that discomfort too.




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