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LEON / GUANAJUATO AIRPORT customer review :  20 January 2010 by Byron Scott   (USA)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






A very easy to use and convenient airport. Arrival was quick and easy to pre-pay for taxi to Guanajuato - 360 pesos was the cost. It's less than 30 minutes to Guanajuato. We arrived at 9:45 for 12:05 departure - much earlier than necessary. No line for CO check-in, and no line at security. The snack bar was affordable and there are a couple of decent shops. Even though the airport has jetways, they apparently don't go low enough for the regional jets that provide most service, so you have to walk outside. Just before boarding, there was an additional pat-down security check.

Leon/Guanajuato Airport by Michael Pedziwiatr

21 February 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

The service to get from airport to the centro district to Guanajuato is too expensive! No options. Just get on the taxi. Last fall it was around $37 usd. This is an 18 mile trip which takes 20 minutes. The bus from Guanaujato to San Miguel is about a one hour drive and cost about $8 usd. There should be alternatives at your airport. Maybe a bus into town?

Leon/Guanajuato Airport by Sandy Huff

5 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

I've flown in and out of BJX a half dozen times, and have no problems. Take along a book or knitting, as there are only a couple of souvenir shops (but they are colorful and reasonable). My destination has been San Miguel de Allende, the art colony that's popular with US citizens).

Leon/Guanajuato Airport by Edgar Solis

1 June 2006

This is a small and nice airport. I've landed and departed from this airport before and it has changed a lot. I don't know why it is called Leon Airport, if it is closer to Silao, Gto. I landed there a few months ago, my destination was Romita, Gto, my mother's hometown. This airport is very convenient for us, since it is only about 25-30 mins away from Romita. Also, this airport is not very far from Guanajuato city. I recommend people to visit Guanajuato, this is perhaps the most European style city in Mexico.




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