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Greater Binghamton Airport customer review :  3 September 2010 by J Nedlik   (USA)

Customer Rating :  2/5

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Had an ok trip using Binghamton Regional Airport - flew from Binghamton to Las Vegas with one layover in Philadelphia. The morning started off rough with a half hour delay to Philadelphia and when we did finally board the plane the grounds crew had to de-ice the aircrafts wings taking another 45 minutes (this is the one April when it was very cold). Had a rough flight to Philadelphia on a Dhc turboprop however the flight attendant was kind enough to announce all departures in the next 30 minutes (of course Las Vegas being one of them) and asked if the passengers would let the people with earliest departures to be let off first. By the time we got off the plane and into the main terminal there was only 20 minutes left and we had to make it to terminal c from terminal f which is a long hike. We were told that we would be better off not taking the bus over to the other terminal so my family of four 2 being young children had to run halfway across the airport. Making it to the terminal in a half hour we were sure we missed our flight however my business company planned the flight and notified the staff that passengers would be arriving late and they held the plane for us. The plane to Las Vegas was a 757 and it is particularly long and of course our seats were in the back so we had all eyes on us as we walked to the back. The flight to Las Vegas was quick and we are very happy with us airways but not with Philadelphia or Binghamton airports as Philadelphia is not easy to transfer terminals and the half hour delay in Binghamton could have been used to de-ice the plane saving time.




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