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World Airline and Airport Star Ranking

The World Airline and Airport Star Rating are recognised global ranking systems that classify airlines and airports by the Quality of their front-line product and staff service standards. Airline Star Rating was introduced by Skytrax in 1999, with the Airport Star Rating programme following in 2001.


The Airline Star Rating covers all types of airline, from largest carriers with global route networks to domestic only and low-cost airlines. The prestigious 5-Star Airline ranking recognises both highest and most consistent standards of both Airport and Onboard Product and Staff Service delivery.

Airline Star Ratings apply an internationally recognised evaluation system to assess the “front-line” quality standards of an airline, and provids the world airline industry with a professional, unified Quality classification system that is a respected symbol of airline product and service standards. As part of the process to determine Airline Star Rating levels, Skytrax conduct detailed Quality analysis across hundreds of categories for both airline product and service delivery, covering the Onboard and home-base Airport environments.

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The consistency of an airline’s Product and service is a critical issue within their final Rating, and detailed focus is applied to the delivered realities. Particular attention is applied to the quality and consistency of cabin seating, IFE systems and associated cabin products. An airline offering less than 80% fleet-wide product consistency may find these conditions will have a negative impact on their final quality rating determination.

The importance of Economy class? Airline Star Ratings are based on all-round assessment of the product and service, with emphasis on the fact that the majority of customers travel in Economy class. Some airlines may offer top-end First class or premium class features, but it is often the quality and consistency of the Economy class standards that will be critical to an airline’s final Rating Certification.


World Airport Ratings are based on a comprehensive study of approximately 500 airport product and service items, with the prestigious 5-Star Airport rating being awarded to airports achieving the highest, overall Quality performance

World Airport Star Ratings are based on a comprehensive study of approximately 500 airport product and service items. The criteria includes key items of process efficiency, terminal comfort and cleanliness, passenger facilities and staff service. Service ratings covers both the official staff (immigration, police, security and customs), as well as more general airport staff (shops, restaurants and cafes, help counters etc).

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Airports do not have to be large hub facilities to achieve the highest 5-Star and 4-Star Airport ratings. The rating assesses each airports target market and customer base, to determine it’s Quality success in that area. For example, a small regional airport serving point-to-point to routes is not expected the offer the same facilities as a global hub airport, but both airport types are eligible to meet the top tier, 5-Star Airport rating.