2-Star Airlines

The 2-Star Airline Rating is awarded to airlines delivering a lower Quality performance, below the industry Quality average across many of the rating sectors.

A 2-Star Airline rating normally signifies poorer or inconsistent standards of Product and front-line Staff Service for the Cabin Service and the home-base Airport environment.

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2 Star AirlineAir ItalyItaly
2 Star AirlineBahamasairBahamas
2 Star AirlineBiman BangladeshBangladesh
2 Star AirlineBulgaria AirBulgaria
2 Star AirlineChina United AirlinesChina
2 Star AirlineCubana AirlinesCuba
2 Star AirlineIran AirIran
2 Star AirlineLion AirIndonesia
2 Star AirlineMahan AirIran
2 Star AirlineNepal AirlinesNepal
2 Star AirlineOnur AirTurkey
2 Star AirlinePegasus AirlinesTurkey
2 Star AirlineRossiya AirlinesRussia
2 Star AirlineRyanairIreland
2 Star AirlineSmartWingsCzech Republic
2 Star AirlineSpirit AirlinesUSA
2 Star AirlineSudan AirwaysSudan
2 Star AirlineSyrianairSyria
2 Star AirlineTajik AirTajikistan
2 Star AirlineTurkmenistan AirlinesTurkmenistan
2 Star AirlineUkraine Int'l AirlinesUkraine
2 Star AirlineYemeniaYeme