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Skytrax World Airline Rating was introduced in 1999 and is the leading, global Airline Rating system classifying airlines by the Quality of front-line product and staff service standards. Skytrax Airline Star Ratings are recognised as a global Benchmark of airline standards, developed through many years of professional experience and Skytrax unique knowledge of the world airline industry.

As the world's premier Airline Rating organisation operating since 1989, we provide the critical independence from the airline industry that is necessary to deliver objective and transparent airline rating. Skytrax have unique experience and expertise that is required to deliver a standardised quality determination.  Airline Rating Methodology (available to Airline management)


Airline Rating is based on detailed Quality analysis of more than 800 different items across an airline's front-line product and staff service standards, applied to the Airport and Cabin Service environments. Skytrax use a unified Audit analysis evaluation to guarantee that every airline receives a fair, objective and independent approach.    Airline Star Rating criteria

Consistency of Product and service is a critical issue within final Rating and Skytrax focus carefully on delivered realities. Of specific concern is the quality and consistency of cabin seating, IFE systems and associated cabin product. An airline offering less than 80% fleet-wide product consistency will find this having a negative impact on final quality determination.

When consistency appears to be a problem impacting an airline rating, Skytrax will discuss specific rating changes with the airline that may be based upon product change already committed to, planned changes to an airline's aircraft fleet, or other relevant issues that the airline is able to discuss with Skytrax.


Skytrax World Airline Rating provides a professional Quality classification system that is an internationally recognized symbol of airline product and service standards.   Requirements to meet a 5-Star Airline rating

Every airline is ranked on "delivered" front-line Product and Service quality, with Rating levels based upon key international product and service requirements.  In the case of domestic-only airlines, an airline's Star Rating reflects their domestic product and service quality.


Skytrax do not publish an Airline Safety Ratings guide. This is because there is no accurate, global reference of safety incidents that can be trusted by passengers.  Skytrax state that "total" accuracy of safety rating is critical to customers who might be choosing between airlines, and as long as some countries or airlines report safety incidents differently, total accuracy is impossible.

At the present time, it is not possible for any organisation to provide (or obtain) accurate or consistent "global" reporting about all relevant airline safety incidents. This applies to the accuracy or consistency of reporting from all airlines around the world, and the fact that it is not possible to achieve guaranteed consistency of reporting from aviation regulatory or governing bodies across all countries of the world.


For details about Airline Star Rating please refer to the   Rating Methodology  information page



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