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By submitting your review you confirm that it does not contain any material that could infringe the rights of a third party, and you do not work for (or have previously worked for) the airline or airport you are reviewing. Reviews cannot be published if:

  1. You did not include your Family name and First name (or initial) used for travel.
  2. Comments are submitted in Capital letters or require excessive editing.
  3. Comments are not submitted in English language.
  4. Comments include swearing, are abusive or in bad taste.
  5. Comments are too short (below 250 characters) or not an actual “trip” review.
  6. Comments alleging potential food poisoning.
  7. Comments include names of airline or airport staff.
  8. Contain any type of prejudice, racial, religious or otherwise.
  9. Defamatory comments / with possible legal implications.
  10. Where factual accuracy of comments is known to be wrong.
  11. Comments about compensation or associated insurance claims.
  12. Comments where user has stated that legal or other action is being taken.
  13. Comments about lost or damaged baggage issues.
  14. Comments about Visa issues.

Many of these editorial conditions are imposed for legal reasons

Boarding Pass / Ticket Verification

Where our Editorial office determine that your review requires authentication, we may contact you to request a copy of a boarding pass or e-ticket to Verify your trip. If you cannot provide this Verification, it is likely your review will not be published.

IP Address checks

If there is an IP address location conflict between user-stated location and IP location used to submit the review. IP address conflicts are checked where possible with the user before review rejection.

Moderation or Editorial change

Occasionally, moderation to the review content might enable it to be posted rather than being rejected. This is applied on the basis it will not materially change the style or sentiment of review content. If a user does not like their moderated review content, please contact us through our Feedback page.

We regret that we are unable to enter into communication with users about rejected reviews.

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