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"lie flat seat was very comfortable"

(United States)

Trip Verified | I flew the lie flat seat from Narita to LAX on their Boeing 787. The check in was fast. I had prepaid for the checked in luggage as well as the meals on board. The lie flat seat was very comfortable. In fact, it was more comfortable than some business class lie flat seats. The free WiFi on board was virtually non existent. But that was ok since i downloaded some movies from Netflix prior to boarding. The plane was clean and modern. No complaints there. I was able to order water and snacks from my iphone. The prices were reasonable for snacks, meals and beverages. For lie flat seats, this was a bargain. The airfare was almost one third the cost of flying business class on other airlines. It was a very good value for the money. I would definitely fly Zip Air again to go to Japan.
Seat TypeBusiness Class
Aircraft TypeBoeing 787
Seat Layout1x2x1
Date FlownJune 2023
Type Of TravellerLeisure
Sleep Comfort 12345
Sitting Comfort 12345
Seat/bed Width 12345
Seat/bed Length 12345
Seat Privacy 12345
Power Supply 12345
Seat Storage 12345