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3 star Skytrax Rating
Seat Legroom N/A
Seat Recline N/A
Seat Width N/A
Aisle Space N/A
Viewing TV N/A
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3 star Skytrax Rating
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"below standard business class seats"


Trip Verified | Below standard business class seats despite new aircraft. Basically an Economy seat (42 cm Wide) fitted in a business class plastic shell with fixed armrests which cannot retract of be lowered. Arms devoid of support in bed position and so narrow that it makes you feel claustrophobic and squeezed in a narrow foot pit and plastic shell. No seat storage. Definitely not to standards and would not recommend. Boarding was hectic and delayed by more than 75 minutes without any announcement. The ground staff looked unprofessional.
Seat TypeBusiness Class
Aircraft TypeA330 Neo
Seat Layout1x2x1
Date FlownJune 2023
Type Of TravellerBusiness
Sleep Comfort 12345
Sitting Comfort 12345
Seat/bed Width 12345
Seat/bed Length 12345
Seat Privacy 12345
Power Supply 12345
Seat Storage 12345