Aggregate Rating results unveiled for all customer reviews

October 16, 2016 Category:

Users can now easily check and compare customer review aggregate ratings for all of the different types of traveller reviews featured on this website.

View the A-Z of Customer Review ratings here:

»  Airline Reviews : A-Z Ratings
»  Airline Seat Reviews : A-Z Ratings
»  Airline Lounge Reviews : A-Z Ratings
»  Airport Reviews : A-Z Ratings

Check out the airline scores for seat comfort, cabin staff service, inflight entertainment, onboard catering, value for money …. view airline seat scores for seat legroom, recline and seat width, comfort, in-seat power …. see the airline lounge scores for lounge comfort and cleanliness, lounge catering, facilities, showers and staff service. In the airport environment, ratings include airport cleanliness, waiting times, airport shopping, restaurants / cafes, wifi connectivity and staff service.