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5 star Skytrax Rating
Lounge Comfort 12345
Catering 12345
Washrooms/Showers 12345
Internet/Wifi 12345
Staff Service 12345
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5 star Skytrax Rating
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"exceeded our expectations"


Trip Verified | I checked in to the IGA Lounge by presenting my credit card(Lounge Key) and boarding pass, then proceeded to enter by scanning my boarding pass at the rotary gate. It felt like entering an airport within an airport. The lounge's size is comparable to that of a small city's airport, and it also has it's own duty free shop. Gazing ahead upon entering we were welcomed by the site of a pool table, a bar, and a masseur at work. Upon walking a few meters and turning right we found an expansive buffet with live cooking stations preparing pidde(Turkish pizza), pasta, and kebabs, along with a buffet offering a fairly wide selection of Turkish food and self service coffee machines. The food was fresh and tasted surprisingly good for an airport lounge. The lounge had considerable seating capacity offering various types of seating - sofas with coffee tables, recliner chairs, and workstations. The seating is comfortable, we did find some seats that were not clean but then managed to find clean ones. Most of the seating was being used, which resulted in an environment that was busy but also fairly quiet. The staff are efficient - some are friendly and others indifferent. None were rude or unpleasant. The shower was clean, spacious, and comfortable. The water was warm with decent pressure, and the quality of the shampoo and shower gel provided was good. They provide a sealed disposable towel, so you don't have to worry about whether it was washed. The WiFi was problematic. The connection kept dropping, and upon speaking with some other guests I found a number of us were encountering this issue. The IGA Lounge exceeded our expectations and made our eight hour layover a breeze without us needing to spend any money at the airport.
AirportIstanbul Airport
Type Of LoungeMembers
Date VisitJanuary 2023
Comfort 12345
Cleanliness 12345
Catering 12345
Washrooms 12345
Wifi Connectivity 12345
Staff Service 12345