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3 star Skytrax Rating
Lounge Comfort 12345
Catering 12345
Washrooms/Showers 12345
Internet/Wifi 12345
Staff Service 12345
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3 star Skytrax Rating
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"lines were extremely long"

(United Kingdom)

Waiting for my flight from Mumbai to Singapore I was entitled to use the Maharaja Lounge since I was a business class passenger. There are two lounges that can be used one before security and one after. I chose to use the one after security because the lines were extremely long. The waiting area after security is very sparse but had an adequate number of seats. The lounge appeared decent from the outside. Once inside I felt I had entered into the 1970s. There were sofas and chairs that were upholstered with a flower pattern. The tables and everything else was wood (mahogany?). The two young men manning the information desk took my lounge pass. I found a seat among the many people who had already taken entire sofas to sleep on. Being a midnight flight there were many sleeping people. There were no drinks or food offered in the open. One of the young men offered water to other passengers and I had to ask for water. Later on the young man was taking the order of another passenger and finally asked me if I wanted coffee or tea. The only redeeming factor of this lounge was that the Masala Chai was decent. Other than that I felt like I had been transported back to the 1970s due to the furniture of the lounge. Also if other Indian passengers had not ordered coffee/tea I feel like I never would have been asked being the only non-Indian passenger in the lounge.
Lounge NameMaharaja Lounge
AirportMumbai Airport
Type Of LoungeBusiness Class
Type Of TravellerBusiness
Comfort 12345
Cleanliness 12345
Bar & Beverages 12345
Catering N/A
Staff Service 12345
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