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Toulouse Airport customer review

A pleasant way to describe the size of this place is that it is compact. I do not mean to suggest that it is too small merely that it does not have either the space or the desire to 'show' much and that it is boring. Check in staff are fine on the whole and land to airside security staff seem pleasant enough although it helps to speak good French here as in most situations in France. The waiters and waitresses in the Bistro are a disappointment. The slowness of the service is matched by the poor quality of the food and drinks. The 'Business Lounge' is not sign-posted and there is the usual gallic attitude that seems to say 'I don't care and anyway I am only doing a job for which I get paid next to nothing so why should I care?'. It is an unhygienic place - the men's public toilets are generally dirty and unkempt the cafeteria tables are rarely cleared or adequately cleaned and the staff at the bar are rude and arrogant. The idea of 'service' is quite lost on these people. 'Welcome to the gateway to the South of France' but speak French and be ready to put up with second- rate food third rate service and fourth rate cleanliness.
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