Rogue Valley Medford Airport

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Rogue Valley Medford Airport customer review

I love the Rogue Valley but thumbs down to this place at the moment. They are building a new terminal to replace the dark and depressing thing they have now. Unfortunately the parking lots and rental car lots are quite a long walk with all of the construction going on. I struggled in 90F+ degree heat to take my bags from my rental car to the old terminal. They do provide a rental car shuttle for rental car patrons. One has no idea where to wait for the shuttle and he drove right by me. The TSA staff seem to think they are running some sort of Vegas-style comedy act the way they talk to you. The restaurant is horribly overpriced--get something to go at one of the many fastfood places on the way to the airport. By the way the roads around the airport can be confusing and so are the signs.