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Punta Del Este Airport customer review

While this is a very attractive airport with few flights off season transfer between plane and terminal can be hazardous to elderly and infirm passengers. A bus with very high steps caused my wife to hurt her leg and later she needed medical attention. We witnessed other elderly travelers and children finding the bus steps difficult. On our return trip to Buenos Aires the Pluna station manager alerted by our hotel concierge arranged for a golf cart transfer and early boarding to the second row of the all economy jet. Why the Airport authorities don't operate a more customer friendly vehicle is a mystery. The airport departure tax at $29 each for the 40 minute flight is way out of line considering Ezieza in Buenos Aires charges $18 for long haul flights to the U.S. Once through the first of two security checkpoints travelers find themselves in a sizable duty free considering the size of the airport. For those heading to and from Punta del Este and other nearby Uruguayan resorts PDP is certainly the most convenient and is an hour closer to those towns than Montevideo Airport.