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Ontario Airport customer review

Disorganization- that is the best word that describes the "Customs" section of the Ontario Airport. We just returned from Mexico and had to face a woman loudly berating not once but three times us about cell phone usage (it's not posted anywhere). There were over 100 of us most of us Americans waiting for 1 line to get us through (including the flight crew). Many of us got in the visitors line because we had connecting flights to catch. Then after that 30 minute ordeal we had to wait for a shuttle-yes SINGULAR- to take all 100 of us and our luggage to the main terminal. In the main terminal we had to check in AGAIN get our luggage checked AGAIN go through the ONE security gate that was open and rush to the departing plane. We had a 2 hour lay-over and got to the plane as they were boarding. I feel sorry for the people who were entering our fine nation. The experience we had surely made them wonder about the choice of where they made to visit. Luckily I've been through other airports that were organized didn't YELL at the customers and had plenty of time to make the connecting flight. I'll avoid this airport on future trips.
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