Mobile Regional Airport

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"honestly not a bad airport"

(United States)

Trip Verified | Mobile Regional (MOB) is honestly not a bad airport, even if it's showing some signs of age. The signage leading to anywhere a passenger needs to go is mostly straightforward (except for signage to short-term parking for some reason), though some of it is older and fading. Parking is easy and relatively cheap compared to airports in larger metros. The entry into the terminal is one covered passageway. Checking in luggage is painfully easy at one of three small counters. Going through security is easy with small lines, and painfully easy if you have TSA Pre-Check. There are only seven departure gates total and 2-3 stores post-security. One of those stores is one that almost everyone has to walk past or through on the way to their gate: Hudson News pairing up with a tiny restaurant and bar, equipped with cafeteria-style seating. It looks like the set of the old TV show "Wings," or perhaps a miniature version of a 1990s mall food court. This makes the airport so small that it's quirky. The personnel working in this airport are sweet and warm - yes, in an airport! As for the drawbacks, some of the ceilings post-security are quite low, with the lighting dim. Only some of the pre-security area looks like it's seen any renovation since the 1990s. The signage from I-65, and most of Airport Boulevard until you reach the airport, is almost nonexistent. MOB's location is so far out in the western suburbs that it's really quite inconvenient, whether you're coming from Mobile or other Gulf area cities in Alabama and Mississippi. Mobile Downtown Airport is expected to open in 2024 and should be a vast improvement in terms of modernity and accessibility.
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