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Milwaukee Airport customer review

I’ve flown through a few times and found it works very well. Baggage has always arrived very quickly and rental cars are close to the terminal. On one occasion I was able to get off the plane get my baggage rent a car and get checked in at an airport hotel all within thirty minutes. Outbound Milwaukee is similarly straightforward - I experienced minimal line-ups to check in and only a few minutes wait for security. The departure areas are nothing special but there's plenty of comfortable seating while you wait and reasonable concessions to purchase food drinks or reading material. MKE gains some points in my book by also including a small museum that deals with the history of the airport and aviation in Milwaukee a nice touch that other airports should consider. MKE is further proof that it's far less stressful and time consuming to fly in and out of medium sized airports than mega airports.

Milwaukee Airport customer review

Very modern. The Midwest concourse was going under renovations when I was there. The walk from the check-in desk to the gate was a little long. Lots of stores though.
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