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Malaga Airport customer review

Be advised that construction works are carried out to the outside of AGP terminal ! Traffic gets re-routed so take extra care to watch for signs. As said before the larger hall which is adressed to as Terminal 2 is quite boring being built to cater for masses of holiday charter flights. To the left of the check-in counters is the connecting corridor to Terminal 1 which is much quieter and where you´ll find those shops & restaurants mentioned by the previous poster. When spending your time there make sure to return to T2 security in time as waiting times can be significant. Operations will improve significantly once the extensions to the facilities (incl. a second runway) will be finished. There is NO Underground station; the train station for Malaga or Torremolinos/Fuengirola is open air and located past the parking structures across the access road. "Under the Terminal" i.e. "below Arrivals" is the place where rental car companies have their counters. To get to these make sure to make that right turn leaving the baggage belts before exiting the secure Arrivals area.