La Palma Airport

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"airport is small and well designed"

(United Kingdom)

Verified Review | First impressions count, so as a result of the UK not being part of the Schengen agreement, we are the ones who have to wait nearly an hour for the single passport control staff member to scan everyone's passport on arrival. Not a good start, but our cases looked a little forlorn as they were the last ones on the belt. The airport is small and well designed, and kept very clean. There are plenty of seats. When it came to leave, the signage in the lift doesn't make it clear that the departures floor is not the same as check-in floor. Nice lift, if you don't mind riding up and down a few times. Next, easyJet tell you their check-in is open 2 and a half hours before departure. Not here, an hour's wait in line until an hour and a half before any staff appeared. Passport control for departures was much faster: still only one staff member, who was cheerful and polite, but only a perfunctory glance at each passport, no scanning. The airport is functional. When it's busy, I imagine it would be bedlam, as it doesn't have large spaces for more than one full flight at a time.
Experience At AirportArrival and Departure
Date VisitMay 2017
Type Of TravellerCouple Leisure
Queuing Times 12345
Terminal Cleanliness 12345
Terminal Seating 12345
Terminal Signs 12345
Food Beverages N/A
Airport Shopping 12345
Wifi Connectivity 12345
Airport Staff 12345