Kahului Maui Airport

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Kahului Maui Airport customer review

Maui Airport. It is one of my favorites. It has the wonderful Hawaiian/Pacific style of outdoor areas mixed with a modern terminal good shops and extremely friendly staff. The check in staff are kind and lines move quickly. Remember you have the US Agricultural check and then the TSA check which is a pain. The TSA security staff were too slow and only had 2 security stations open which is not acceptable. 9/11 has passed long enough that we need to get security clearance up to speed or it will discourage travel. The shops are good although they close too early. There is a bank of flights heading out to the Mainland around 10pm and most of the stores were closed by then. The one airport bar/self-service restaurant is terribly overpriced and the quality is low. With no meals on many US flights now there need to be opportunities to buy food/drinks before flights. It is a great airport. I would love to see a better highway out to West Maui/ Kapalua.
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