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Jacksonville Airport customer review

Have used Jacksonville Airport on numerous occasions and enjoy this airport. I recently took a flight to DCA on 8-10-06 which was the first flight day after the terrorist incident in England. Security was noticeably increased however it was smooth as silk. Of course I did not bring onboard items that the news media had been talking about all day long as not being allowed but the security section of this airport is very very efficient. The TSA agents noticeably increased never once were unfriendly in fact it seemed that they were going out of their way to try and make a hard situation pleasant. This is a great airport and recommend using it whenever possible.

Jacksonville Airport customer review

Recently was in Jacksonville for business; on my way in I was so fast at the curbstone that I had hardly time to examine the facilities at the airport. On my way out today I had plenty of time to look around; the no-queue security check (something all airports should introduce) gave me plenty of time for window-shopping. I appreciated dumping the rental car and walking straight into departures over the moving walkway. Landside of the security check is a small food- and shopping court with sufficient choice for the hungry traveller. Past security is a health and massage salon and several "souvenir style" shops. In concourse A there is sufficient opportunity to take a drink and have a snack. I have a two suggestions for improvement: put a some clocks on the wall in the concourses and try to bring in a bit more natural light indoors; change the brown wallpaint to white or blue. All in all Jacksonville International is one of the better airports I've visited.
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