Dar Es Salaam Airport

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Dar Es Salaam Airport customer review

For a very small airport in a poor African country its really not bad. The departure hall is relatively spacious with plenty of seats a decent cafeteria and restaurant and a good selection of souvenir shops and there's even a bc lounge (not sure if its for a certain airline). The arrival area is less nice. It is below the departure area and looks like just a concrete basement area. Neither level is fully enclosed and especially on the arrivals level which opens directly outside (no doors) there will probably be mosquitos etc. inside. There is a foreign curency exchange offering the same rates as those in the city. There isn't really any public transport (unless you count the dalla-dallas (minibuses) on the highway outside which will undoubtedly be impossible to board with any luggage) but as soon as you exit if no one meets you you're likely to have taxi drivers approaching you from all directions (don't pay more than 10000tsh (about $9).
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