Abu Dhabi Airport

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4 star Skytrax Rating
Terminal Seating 12345
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4 star Skytrax Rating
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"way too cramped and crowded"

(United Kingdom)

I went through this airport a few weeks back on my way to London from Abu Dhabi on Qatar Airways and to be honest it is one of the most disgusting airports I have been through. My flight was at around 11:30 pm and the airport was crowded and finding a place to sit was out of the question. It is way too cramped and crowded. It is a real shame that a fast developing country like the UAE does not have a decent airport to go through it is not as if Dubai is any better.

"unpleasant when it is overcrowded"

(United Kingdom)

I have travelled through Abu Dhabi between London and South East Asia several times over the last few months. A layover here is as recorded elsewhere deeply unpleasant when it is overcrowded (typically 10pm to 2am). Use Qatar or Emirates to their hubs rather than Etihad. The only good thing I have to report is that a critical comment left in their suggestion box stimulated an e-mail apology and promise of better things post the completion of new facilities which arrived before I got back home 12 hours later!