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4 star Skytrax Rating
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Saudi Arabian Airlines customer review

(United Arab Emirates)

DXB to RUH. 20 minutes out of RUH we are served a lunch box - Iftahar meal for breaking the fast. On landing all lunch boxes are still with passengers tray tables are down seat belts are not checked prior to landing. Safety is not a priority. RUH to DXB late afternoon flight. Still Ramadan. Just prior to take off cabin crew serve us dates and a glass of water - for breaking the fast. Cabin supervisor decided it was time. 40 minutes after wheels up they announce the breaking of the fast. Obviously no concern for safety standards as pax placed their tray tables down to put their water and dates on during take off. Where are the CAA safety inspectors when you need them.
Seat TypeEconomy Class
Value For Money 12345

Saudi Arabian Airlines customer review


LHR-RUH C class I was upgraded and delighted to get it. About 14 passengers in Business class and 6 were children under the ages of 6 - who were let do what they wanted causing major annoyance to other pax. Parents didn't care less and crew did nothing to stop them. Food was good being Saudi no booze but plenty of other options etc Avod available though choice not great! New seats lie flat seats in First as are business - I see that in economy that was ere known for the 34" pitch is not any more - with 10 seats across instead of standard 9 across and 31" pitch. Some staff work hard male crew looked fed up and did little but chat amongst themselves. Overall Saudi are cheaper they give a a strong 3 star product and service.
Seat TypeBusiness Class
Value For Money 12345