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Seat Comfort 12345
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"seats had no reclining function"


Trip Verified | I flew on OP178 from Accra to Tamale in the north of Ghana and back two days later. The plane is over 15 years old. The outside appearance looked good, the cabin impression was ok but maybe a bit tired. The impression was that the cabin reflects the age of the plane. Surprisingly there was no shutter for the windows. The seats had no reclining function. The flight OP178 was supposed to leave ACC at 15:50, boarding at 15:10, gate 4 domestic Terminal. The video screen showed outdated information of OP146, a flight which was supposed to leave ACC for Kumasi at 10:30 (apparently delayed). There was no info of OP178 visible (also no audio announcements). Only audio announcements of landed flights. Boarding started at 15:45 without any prior info. Bus transfer to plane from gate. In Bus information about boarding procedure (rows 1-10 front door). As rear door remained closed, all passengers boarded via the front door. The flight took off with about 30min delay due to late arrival of the incoming plane (according to captain). Service on board was ok, every passenger received a small bottle of water, a fruit juice and a little snack (some pastry with meat, I didn't taste it). Flight back from TML left on time, boarding procedure is a bit easier in TML as there is only one gate and a small waiting area. No screens but I really didn't feel the need for it. OP179 arrived 10min ahead of schedule in ACC. Service was very much the same but this time with the choice of a sandwich (chicken) or a small danish. Again I didn't taste either one. Luggage delivery in TML took surprisingly long, in ACC it was a short wait.
AircraftDash 8-400
Type Of TravellerSolo Leisure
Seat TypeEconomy Class
RouteAccra to Tamale
Date FlownSeptember 2019
Seat Comfort 12345
Cabin Staff Service 12345
Food & Beverages 12345
Ground Service 12345
Value For Money 12345