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Seat Comfort 12345
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Value for Money 12345
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"free drinks great snacks"

(United States)

Trip Verified | La Vegas to Burbank. Cheap flight and free drinks great snacks. Great legroom(I'm 6'2). Lounge in LAS was super nice. No TSA I was put onto another airplane (to shorten the delay) without wifi but plane was supposed to have outlets and wifi. There was a delay but the staff and crew were helpful and informative. The captain even flew a lot faster to shorten the delay. After landing I received an email from JetsuiteX apologizing for the delay and issued me a $50 voucher. JetsuiteX eliminates everything that's wrong with flying. They even tried to fill up the remaining seats on the plane with people on the later flight.
Type Of TravellerSolo Leisure
Seat TypeBusiness Class
RouteLa Vegas to Burbank
Date FlownJuly 2018
Seat Comfort 12345
Cabin Staff Service 12345
Food & Beverages 12345
Ground Service 12345
Value For Money 12345