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Jetairfly customer review

Brussels - Djerba. This flight used quite a well-used and tired 737. The legroom was the smallest I experienced - even my seat neighbor less than 175 cm tall was cramped with his knees by the next seat. Beverages and food only for cash seat reservation also only if you pay 3 Euros. They changed the flight plan also shortly before travel - added one extra stop in MIR and 90 extra minutes of flight time. Bugger. For this kind of low-cost service the flight itself is not cheap enough. Better pay a few euros more and fly Tunisair or Air Berlin - also not great airlines but with better comfort and subjective safety "feel" to it.

Jetairfly customer review

Brussels-Punta Cana-Brussels: 4hours delays at brussels due works on take-off track. Flight itself was good except for flight attendants bad mood - a chartered Italian plane.
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