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Seat Comfort 12345
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"The seats were cramped"


Trip Verified | A week before departure I was notified that the flight was cancelled. I had the option to fly the following day or to get a refund. I took the first option which meant staying and paying for an extra night in Dublin and loosing a night in Chisinau. The flight itself is three and a half hours. The seats were cramped but no worse than any other low fare carrier in the European market. On the FlyOne website they state 'In addition to the free of charge onboard catering (a wide range of double sandwiches, hot and cold drinks) offered on all FLYONE flights we are glad to offer our Meal Pre-Order service.' There was no complimentary catering the night I flew and no mention of why it had been curtailed. There was however a buy on board coffee and sandwich service that ran out of both coffee and sandwiches before they got to my row (26, so still quite far from the back). When I asked about the catering issues, the staff just shrugged this issue off and sat in their galley chatting for the rest of the flight.
Type Of TravellerSolo Leisure
Seat TypeEconomy Class
RouteDublin to Chisinau
Date FlownAugust 2021
Seat Comfort 12345
Cabin Staff Service 12345
Food & Beverages 12345
Ground Service 12345
Value For Money 12345