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"they grudgingly checked me in"

(United Kingdom)

Trip Verified | It was a Bad Day at Dzaoudzi (DZA) in Mayotte. On a European passport, I was to fly from Mayotte to Moroni, Comoros. The surly check-in girl asked for my return ticket. I said I didn't have one with me but I had a return ticket to Paris CDG and onwards to LHR. No, that was not OK, said her supervisor. I live in Britain and I have no intention of staying too long in the Comoros, I said. No! It was not going to work. Frantic calls to my travel agent etc revealed that I did have a return ticket with another airline. So I got to their desk, paid Euro 5 for a copy and returned to the EWA air check-in. After serious scrutiny they grudgingly checked me in. Sad airline! The flight was uneventful and on an ATR 72.600The flight was only 55 mins. The legroom was good.
AircraftATR 72
Type Of TravellerSolo Leisure
Seat TypeEconomy Class
RouteDzaoudzi to Moroni
Date FlownJune 2019
Seat Comfort 12345
Cabin Staff Service 12345
Ground Service 12345
Value For Money 12345