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"plane did not have such a seat"

(United States)

Verified Review | In February 2016 Jet Blue had a nonstop flight from JFK to Punta Cana for about $850 per adult for June travel. The only other nonstop was Dynamic International Airways, about $350. I checked for negative reviews of this fairly new carrier, Looked okay. I booked RT tickets for 7 adults and one child, paid by credit card. Got their confirmation email about 20 minutes later. Departure date incorrect - they had 6/26, not 6/25. I called. They said, I'd have to pay a penalty to change the date. Okay, I said, cancel this reservation and book a new one. No I'd have to pay the same cancellation penalty. Cd I speak to a manager? None available. When will one be available? Couldn't say, not even later in the day. Minimally competent English, lots of repetition required. Jet Blue told me that under US law you can cancel any res within 24 hours of booking without penalty. I told Dynamic this to no avail. So that I would have a date-stamped record, I sent Dynamic an email stating that I was hereby canceling the reservation, then called my credit card company. They said that since it was only pending, not charged, I should wait till it was charged to dispute it. I sent an email to the credit card company stating that I had informed the airline that I wished to cancel it effective immediately for further proof that I was cancelling within 24 hours. About a week later, Dynamic got back to me. They would change the date, no penalty, because I did it within 24h. Original booking departed JFK on 6/25 at 8 AM; returned 7/2 at 4 PM for a 7:30 PM arrival in JFK. In May that changed to depart at 6 AM on 6/25, return at 10:55 PM on 7/2 for a 2:45 AM arrival in JFK. Get up at 2 AM for departure, feel like a zombie for the rest of the day, waiting to check into the room at 3 PM. Arrive home 5 AM for another zombie day. Requested seats in March. As they didn't know what sort of aircraft would be in service, this was impossible, call back at a later date. Which I did. And did. About two weeks prior to traveling they gave me seats for both flights. Upon arrival at at JFK at 4 AM on the day of departure, got completely different seats at check-in. The plane, however, did not have such a seat. Others had same problem - no such seat. We finally got seats scattered all over the plane; in effect, we were not traveling together. Checked flight time day before return. Two Dynamic sites, two different times, the 10:55 PM, another at 8:05 AM. Same flight number. I call Dynamic from the DR. 31 minutes on hold. They didn't want my record locator number; they wanted names even though I just wanted to know the departure time of Flight 408. It was 10:55 PM. At check-in, we got scattered again. Plane was Eastern Airlines, not Dynamic International. (Plane a lot better than the old tanker we flew down in.) Again I had been assigned something that didn't exist and played find-a-seat. Get to JFK 3:15 AM. Remain immobile on the runway until 5 AM. Why? The pilot announced that not only was there nobody to "park" the plane at the gate, Dyanmic was not sending anbody to do so. Pilot got Eastern to send somebody. They got there at 5:45. Two of our suitcases didn't arrive. Ditto for a lot of other people. After another hour's wait, they said that only "one side" had been unloaded and that the plane had now left.
AircraftBoeing 737
Type Of TravellerFamily Leisure
Seat TypeEconomy Class
RouteJFK to PUJ
Date FlownJuly 2016
Seat Comfort 12345
Cabin Staff Service 12345
Ground Service 12345
Value For Money 12345