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Bahamasair customer review

I am absolutely disgusted with the service of the national flag carrier - Bahamasair. It is totally ridiculous that we are since centuries saddled with the level of service or lack thereof in delivering passengers to their destinations in a timely manner. We have heard enough excuses. We believe that this national airline is a complete failure vis a vis customer service and delivering the difference. The only reason that Bahamasair still has passengers on the family island routes is because of the monopoly that exists there. I fell in a Bahamasair trap a few months ago when I had to go from Miami to Freeport. I was booked on a nonstop flight UP244. At the counter I was told than they would not have that service and I would have to go via Nassau - even if I would need 5 hours for this trip. Bahamasair can spoil your vacation even before you arrive at your destination. And what is the Bahamas government saying "t is better in the Bahamas". A well known investor has another marketing slogan for the Bahamas "Look at it but do not touch it!" I was glad to be able to catch a American Eagle flight same evening and a few minutes later only.
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