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4 star Skytrax Rating
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Air Dolomiti customer review

MUC-TRN. Air Dolomiti has own check in gate area in MUC with Italian flair (espresso etc). Bussing from gate to aircraft in MUC was quick. Hand baggage can be delivered to A/C hold if not checked in. ATR-42 (or 72?). Leather seats quite a lot of legroom. Small snack served on evening service choice of drinks. FA's english was good. On time arrival in TRN. If they flew regional jets flight time could be reduced against Turboprops. Inflight magazine was well presented. All in all a pleasant flight for a late evening.

Air Dolomiti customer review

MUC-TRN; GOA-MUC. Flight attendant starts service by offering a refreshment towel followed by a snack. Complementary white wine even offered on the lunch hour service to TRN. Flight attendant from MUC-TRN always wearing a big bright smile that was genuine. You know it's a good airline when the staff believes in the product offered.
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