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Aerosur customer review

AeroSur has become the leading Bolivian airline after the breakdown of Lloyd Aereo Boliviano (LAB). VVI-CBB-TJA. Checking in took about forever and the Aerosur ground staff forgot to mention airport tax that still had to be paid. This was mentioned by security officers with only 15 minutes to go. We still made it on time despite the lack of help of ground staff. TJA-VVI. While checking in I was offered to take a flight right way or two hours later. I choose the latter but was refused because the luggage guy had already tagged my suitcase for the early flight. Of course they couldn't get it back. Again total lack of service of ground staff. The flights were ok albeit not on time. Flying in these countries is never on time. Despite all this I would certainly choose AeroSur next time but only because there's no reasonable alternative.
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