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"Seat pitch is too narrow"


Verified Review | Seat pitch is too narrow as in budget airlines - I'm 5'6" and find it difficult to sit comfortably. The temperature inside the plane is warm and you could only feel a little bit of the AC. The airline served food on board but it is bad and the only thing you'll take is cup water. The first leg of the flight was on time but the second leg was delayed for more than three hours without information from the ground crew. What's horrible from my experience is that the ground crew didn't announce the delay until most passengers were asking and complaining. The plane for the second leg is there at the airport and ready to take off but the flight is delayed because it has to wait for another delayed Sriwijaya flight that carries passengers to CGK as well. So we need to wait for them to arrive so the passengers from that flight can be transferred into our plane. The airline seemed to be quiet about the delay by not announcing to passengers and without any compensation whatsoever. It took us 40 minutes waiting in the baggage claim area before we got our luggages. A little advice, as much as you can, think twice before you choose Sriwijaya Air.
Aircraft TypeBoeing 737-900ER
Seat Layout3x3
Date FlownJanuary 2017
Cabin FlownEconomy Class
Type Of TravellerFamily Leisure
Seat Legroom 12345
Seat Recline 12345
Seat Width 12345
Aisle Space 12345
Seat Storage 12345