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3 star Skytrax Rating
Seat Legroom N/A
Seat Recline N/A
Seat Width N/A
Aisle Space N/A
Viewing TV N/A
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3 star Skytrax Rating
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"very bland looking cabin and seat"

(United Kingdom)

A very bland looking cabin and seat. Blue leather type seat and just by looking at the seat you can tell it was going to be hard and offer little comfort. Touchscreen TV in the rear of the seat in front which is fine, when it works. The screen has no tilt function so reclined viewing is an issue. Leg room is ok for someone who is 5ft 8". I wouldnt like to try it being anything over 6ft. The seat is ok for the first couple of hours but becomes very uncomfortable and is difficult to get any sleep in. Seat reclines however sometimes springs back up without warning. I would compare the comfort to that of Easyjet. Fine for an hour or two but not for longhaul. Gulf Air A320 seat is far far more comfortable.
Aircraft TypeA330
Seat Layout2x4x2
Date FlownJune 2015
Cabin FlownEconomy Class
Type Of TravellerCouple Leisure
Seat Legroom 12345
Seat Recline 12345
Seat Width 12345
Aisle Space 12345
Viewing Tv Screen 12345
Seat Storage 12345