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3 star Skytrax Rating
Seat Legroom N/A
Seat Recline N/A
Seat Width N/A
Aisle Space N/A
Viewing TV N/A
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3 star Skytrax Rating
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"seat 11A was outstanding"


Verified Review | I had not booked any special seating and the legroom in seat 11A was outstanding. So if you fly Eurowings operated by Air Berlin in a A319 you should get seats in the row 11. The seat comfort was also pretty good, due to the new seats. The aisle space was quite standard.
Aircraft TypeA319
Seat Layout3x3
Date FlownAugust 2017
Cabin FlownEconomy Class
Type Of TravellerSolo Leisure
Seat Legroom 12345
Seat Recline 12345
Seat Width 12345
Aisle Space 12345
Seat Storage 12345